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New Attractions Open At Bali’s GWK Cultural Park

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Bali’s GWK Cultural Park is the number one place on the island to take a deep dive into the rich and abundant cultural heritage of the province.

Located on the Bukit, close to Uluwatu, GWK Cultural Park is best known as being home to the giant Garuda Wisnu Kencana statue, but there is so much more of the park for tourists to discover. 

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Over this Eid holiday, the GWK Cultural Par has unveiled a series of new attractions, and Bali lovers are going to want to get to the Bukit Peninsula as soon as possible!

The new Garuda Footbridge is set to outcompete the Garuda Wisnu Kencana statue as the most photographed area of the park.

The new Garuda Bridge spans over 239 meters and can carry 500kg per square meter – this thing is secure!

The bridge connects two really important areas of the park. Starting at Plaza Vishnu, next to the statue of Lord Vishnu, and runs through to Plaza Garuda, which is the main area of the park beneath the gaze of the Garuda Wisnu Kencana statue.

No matter where you stand on the bridge, you will be able to snap an incredible photo with the Garuda Wisnu Kencana statue in the backdrop. 

It’s not just the new Garuda Footbridge that’s drawing tourists this holiday season. The park is also offering a range of cultural arts programs, all included in the entry ticket.

These interactive workshops allow tourists to immerse themselves in the traditional Balinese Hindu culture.

From learning about the art of creating and offering canang sari to participating in ceremonial arrangements and decorations, these sessions offer a unique and hands-on cultural experience. 

Talks are also on offer throughout the day, including a workshop introduction to the Balinese cloth and several dance performances throughout the complex during the day, too.

GWK Cultural Park managers said that the car parking capacity has been increased for the duration of the Eid holiday period, with 1,000 parking spaces available.

On average, 3,000 people visit the park, and up to 6,000 people explore the park during the holidays. However, since the park is so vast, there is still plenty of room for everyone, and the complex does not feel crowded. 

The GWK Cultural Park managers have also noted that there is no increase in ticket prices during the holidays.

Children under 100 cm tall are free, and ticket prices for both domestic and international tourists remain at IDR 125,000 per person.


One of the biggest cultural wonders on show at the GWK Cultural Park is the Kecak Garuda Wisnu. Nowhere else in Bali can tourists catch a live cultural performance like this. The dance and story are a mash-up of the world-famous Kecak and the ogoh-ogoh parade.

Typically, tourists can only observe the magical ogoh-ogoh parade on the eve of Nyepi Day, Bali’s holy day of silence.

During this parade, mythological monsters and creatures that community members have spent months designing and building are parades through village streets to ward off bad spirits. 


In the Kecak Garuda Wisnu at GWK Cultural Park, these two firey spectacles are bought together for a spellbinding performance filled with chanting, mythological wonders and cultural dance. 

GWK Cultural Park is best known for being home to the Garuda Wisnu Kencana statue which stands at an impressive 121 metres tall.


On a clear day, the statue can be seen as far away as Canggu Beach. It is built in honor of the Hindi god Vishnu, who is seen riding on his mount, the eagle Garuda.

The statue took over 25 years to complete and was first envisioned by Indonesian artist Nyoman Nuarta in 1989. 

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Saturday 13th of April 2024

Best to visit when the sun is down and the day heat is less. It’s more pleasant but then put on yourself some mosquito repellent.