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Leaders In Bali Propose Further Improvements To Seminyak Beach

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The most famous beach resort in Bali has been undergoing a series of renovation projects to make the area more appealing to tourists. The area known locally as Samigita Beach is the stretch of Bali’s southern coastline that runs from Kuta Beach through Legian Beach to Seminyak Beach.

The renovation projects have included the construction of a beach sidewalk, skatepark, tsunami shelters, statues, and a beach wall. As the majority of the project has been signed off by developers, the Seminyak Traditional Village and Seminyak Beach Tourism Area Team have proposed several follow-up projects. 

Seminyak Beach Airel View.jpg

The Head of the Seminyak Beach Area Arrangement Team, I Komang Ruditha Hartawan, has outlined plans to reporters. He says that the follow-up development is all projects that were tabled at the beginning of the renovation project. He explained, “There really isn’t any new addition. We have actually submitted this proposal the previous year. But maybe because there are budget adjustments and limited time, some of the proposals cannot be executed in 2022.”  

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There are a total of seven follow-up developments that have been proposed, including further renovations to the sidewalk at Seminyak Beach, as well as four new statues. Hartawan said, “Now the wall on Seminyak Beach is good. While the sidewalk next to it was damaged. Then the two statues need to be repaired again.”

The team has also submitted a proposal to install fifteen massage beds on Seminyak Beach, as well as picnic table areas along the beach and sidewalk. The Seminyak Traditional Village and Seminyak Beach Tourism Area Team have also requested permission to install covers for stalls to make the area look both cleaner and neater.

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Hartawan said, “We are also coordinating with the Head of the PUPR (Public Works and Spatial Planning) Office. They say that if it is not possible in the Main Budget this year, then efforts will be made in the Amendment budget. [This is] all so that the condition of Seminyak Beach will be even more beautiful in the future.”

When approached for comment, the Head of the Badung PUPR Office, Ida Bagus Surya Suamba, said the proposal sent by the Manager of Seminyak Beach on behalf of the local teams had been received. Suamba said, “We will accommodate the proposal first [finishing renovations to Samigita Beach]. The Budget is not yet available, but we will accommodate it first, then the government will consider it.”

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Seminyak remains one of Bali’s most popular tourist areas. Offering easy access to ultra-trendy Canggu, and old classic destination Kuta, Seminyak offers many holidaymakers the perfect balance of relaxation and play. Seminyak is home to some of Bali’s most sought-after clubs and entertainment venues. The area is home to Potato Head Beach Club, a world-class beach club that strictly adheres to its sustainability values.


Ku De Ta is a super popular party venue that is famous for its cocktails and cabanas that overlook the sandy shores of Seminyak Beach. It is perhaps the visual of the beanbags on the beach in front of La Plancha that has become the most encapsulating photo of the area. 


As leaders in Kuta have voiced their concerns that tourists are favoring up-and-coming areas like Canggu, leaders in Seminyak haven’t had to worry so much. Both the volume of upmarket venues and a plethora of hotels, resorts, and independent guesthouses have ensured that the area maintains its relevance in Bali’s ever-evolving tourism market.


The area is both accessible and accommodating for Bali’s mainstay holidaymaker demographic. It appears that Seminyak Beach and Double Six remain as popular after the pandemic as they did before, whereas destinations like Kuta have had to contend with concerns from travelers regarding safety. Keen to bring travelers back to the area and to return to its pre-pandemic popularity, leaders in Kuta have increased police presence and security patrols in the area.

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Monday 6th of February 2023

Just lay a concrete slab on the whole beach and be done with it. The damage is done, the beach at the highest tide mark (even during a small swell) is non-existant now. So many trees bordering the beach have been cut down for absolutely no reason, the whole area has zero appeal. Compare this shitshow with what's on offer in Thailand, Malaysia, Vietnam and the Philippines and you'll understand why the tourism industry in Baliwood can only go down to the bottom.

Garth Fleming

Monday 6th of February 2023

Very often when I use the washrooms along Kuta beach they are dirty and in rough shape. Many women will not even use them. As well if you are sitting on the sand you may have to walk quite a ways to find a toilet. This is one area tourists might really appreciate some improvements.


Tuesday 7th of February 2023

@Garth Fleming, Good point, clean modern toilets are long overdue. They will pay for themselves in no time with a small charge like the independent local versions which are dirty and extremely basic.


Monday 6th of February 2023

It's so sad that the local government officials think that to build huge concrete structures on the beach, massive expensive statues, concrete pathways that get covered in sand when there is a king tide etc. Do they really understand what it is that tourists to this island are looking for? Many are looking for a grass roots "feet in the sand" experience no concrete boardwalks and little wooden sheds. If they keep on going down this route they will loose the tourists all together. Sadly the same is happening in Sanur, no understanding of "why" tourists go to Sanur; instead they are taking that all away...sad times ahead.


Wednesday 8th of February 2023

@Rob, spot on. But the rat race from the main Indo cities will still come, they love concrete, and they won't go away so they're a reliable source of income on the long term and the central government knows it. If it wasn't for them during the last 2 years Bali tourism industry would have been 100% FUBAR. As for the foreign tourists they won't matter much within a year, 'cause they won't come anymore due to the bankruptcy of their countries. It's actually a Godsend that Bali is being turned into a concrete theme park and such heavily promoted, it saves other touristic targeted areas of Indonesia from obliteration by the concrete cancer.


Tuesday 7th of February 2023

@Rob, i like the improvements with the cycle path. They've also cleaned up the borders planting nice plants and lighting. Its very busy down there of a night now so i guess others like it too. The demolishing of warungs on the beach is sad for the locals but putpose built units are now starting to pop up more and more.


Monday 6th of February 2023

Get rid of the dogs and dog $hit first before erecting status.

Simone kardis

Monday 6th of February 2023

Try making it compulsory for dog owners to pick up their dog poo. Kids play in the sand, put sand in their mouth and walking bare foot to the water with dog shit stuck in between my toes isn’t a fond memory nor is sitting on a deck chair and a dog takes a dump next to me. Love the dogs and love them on the beach however make a rule dog owners pick up their dogs poo. Then concentrate on making the beach a concrete haven and boxing beach vendors in wooden boxs. The beach will never be the same as in the 70’s but too late now.


Tuesday 7th of February 2023

@Simone kardis, i agree but you need somewhere to dump your poo bags. Lack of bins on the beach just encourages people to be lazy with their rubbish. Sometimes i have to take my rubbish home with me as vant find anywhere to dispose of it. Recycle bins popped up for a short period during G20 sadly they've dissapeared now.