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Land Slide Causes Road Closure In Karangasem, Bali

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After 2 days of non-stop rain, a landslide occurred in Karangasem, Bali on Wednesday morning Sept 23rd 2020.

Head of Karangasem National Disaster Agency IB Ketut Arimbawa has said that the debris from the landslide closed the road access in Karangasem. 


Another landslide happened in Banjar Batusesa and Banjar Arca, both are in Rendang Sub-Distric. They have closed the access from Batusesa and Arca to Besakih Mother Temple. Clearing the debris was complicated  due to the narrow road and hilly area. Karangasem National Disaster Agency has been cooperating with Public Works Department, Karangasem National Electricity Corp and nearby villagers to remove the mud and fallen trees from the road. 


“The people who lives in Karangasem should be more alert during the rainy season, especially who lives on an unstable ground with high altitude”, Arimbawa added. Arimbawa suggested people move to a safer area if possible, because landslides could cost lives especially at night when people are sleeping.


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