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Judge Reduces Sentence For Expat Who Possessed Marijuana For Medical Purposes

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The Judge of the Denpasar District Attorney has reduced the sentence for an American national who had possessed marijuana for medical purposes.

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Judge Rustanto decided to reduce the sentence for a defendant that was previously arrested for possessing marijuana that he ordered from the United States through the post office. Due to his medical reason, the American national, identified as Joshua Chayne Emery (aged 46), received a lighter sentence.

The prosecutor, who demanded six years of imprisonment, must accept the judge’s decision to reduce the sentence to only 4 years of imprisonment and USD $140,000 (IDR 2 billion) in fines.

Prior to the arrest, Joshua had purchased a package of marijuana from the United States through the Dark Web and paid it with Bitcoin that was valued at around USD $1,000 (IDR 14 million).

After getting notified by the Bali Post Office that his package had arrived on May 7th 2021, Joshua immediately went to the location to claim his package. Once he received the package, the police officers, who had been waiting for him at the parking area, detained him and confiscated the 445 grams of marijuana that he had just received.

Bali police narcotics

Joshua’s lawyer, I Made Suardika Adnyana, explained that his client had bought the package for medical purposes. Taking it may prevent a possible complication caused by his current physical condition.

“Joshua only has one kidney left, so a complication might occur if he took regular medications from the doctor. Besides, he has been consuming this substance long before he traveled from the United States,” Suardika concluded on Thursday (9/12).

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Thursday 16th of December 2021

It’s too bad Bali thinks there is some good for imprisoning people for seeking legitimately proven medical help. Even recreational use of cannabis is completely harmless. Putting people in jail for it is beyond immoral. I wouldn’t be able to live with myself for taking someone’s freedom over a plant. How profoundly evil.

someone who will never go to BALI

Thursday 16th of December 2021

Just goes to show you how uneducated these 3rd world countries are, Medical marijuana is and has been used for decades to help people with real life issues... but instead big Pharma wants you to take Oxycontin Adderall and Prozac and so many other chemicals that people overdose on daily WAKE THE FK UP !!! this country may be one of the beautiful places in the world as well as one of the dumbest...

Wayan Bo

Sunday 12th of December 2021

Why not sell it legally in pharmacy’s!?


Saturday 11th of December 2021

Indonesia is behind the times. You can kill someone and get a lighter sentence then for a natural substance. Stupid. So much benefit to growing hemp for commercial purposes that Indonesia is missing out on.

Jeff schneider

Sunday 12th of December 2021


Wayan Bo

Saturday 11th of December 2021

Wondering that US government is not asking for tourist ban and embargo because of inhumanity against there citizens.