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Indian Food Surging In Popularity With Bali Tourists

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Bali is a travel destination with universal appeal.

While some tourism resorts attract tourists from a niche group of demographics, Bali attracts tourists from all corners of the globe and across all travel styles. 

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Bali is currently receiving a lot of interest from tourists from India. This is in part due to the newly launched daily direct flight between New Delhi and Denpasar.

Indian tourists, like tourists from 97 other countries, are also eligible for the 30-day tourist visa on arrival.

It’s easier than ever for tourists from India to visit Bali and with such deep cultural ties, there is plenty of cultural exchange happening. 

Indian food is soaring in popularity in Bali right now, with just about everyone. Over 30,000 Indian tourists visited Bali in January 2024 alone. Tourists want to explore and enjoy all that Bali has to offer and occasionally enjoy some home comforts, too. 

Speaking to reporters, Seminyak-based restauranteur Leslie Jerome Gomeze said that Indian tourists are seeking authentic flavors while on vacation.

Gomeze is the managing director of Prana Indian Restaurant Bali. He explained, “The culinary delights of North India are acceptable to everyone. One of them is chicken biryani. It can be seen from our guests that 50% are from India and 50% are non-Indian.”

He continued “Our guests from Australia are about 24%, we find Japanese tourists also like Indian food, and Turkish tourists too.”

Prana Indian Restaurant Bali sits just off Jalan Sunset Road in the heart of Seminyak, on Jalan Kunti. The restaurant and courtyard garden feature design elements synonymous with North Indian architecture and interior design.

Tourists visit the restaurant to explore the building itself as much as they do the food. It’s super photogenic. 

Prana Indian Restaurant Bali is part of the Impiana Private Villas in Seminyak and is, of course, open to non-guests for dining and relaxing. 

Menu highlights include King Prawn Tandoori, the innovative Chicken Masala Tacos, and the crunchy, flavoursome samosas.

As an Indian fusion restaurant, there are plenty of dishes that honor the land on which Prana stands. Guests rave about the Indonesian Sate Campur, Impiana Nasi Goreng, and the Bubur Ayam, too. 

It is not only Prana Indian Restaurant Bali who are dazzling tourists with their Indian cuisine.

For tourists exploring Ubud, Bali’s foodie paradise, there are a couple of must-visit Indian restaurants to add to the dining bucket list, too. 

Pesona Lounge Ubud, on Jalan Goutama Selatan, serves up some of the finest modern Indian cuisine in Bali. The intimate eatery offers guests impeccable service and a really laid-back environment in which to enjoy a meal.

Much like Prana Indian Restaurant Bali, Persona Lounge is super photogenic and if you can get the table by the turquoise blue seats on the upper level you’ll be onto a winner. 

Menu highlights at Pesona Lounge Ubud include the Saag-Shuka breakfast, an Indian take on the classic tomato shakshuka with plenty of wholesome spinach.

The Biryani Burrito is an innovative take on the Mexican burrito and is as filling as it is tasty. Pesona Lounge’s drinks game is next level.

From mocktails to cocktails, Ayurvedic teas to lassis, the drinks menu is reason enough to book a table at this Ubudian favorite hangout. 

Sticking in Ubud, Muse Cafe & Art is another fantastic and not-to-be-missed Indian restaurant in Bali. Offering live music every Thursday from 7 pm, Muse welcomes guests for rooftop dining and mingles.

The cafe is offering 20% off breakfast, drinks, dessert, and dosas from 7 am to 10 am, rewarding the early risers!

Muse Cafe & Art offers heaps of Indian-inspired dishes and all the classic tourist favorites, including pancakes, smoothie bowls, and veggie bowls.

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Monday 18th of March 2024

All fake reviews, I'm from India, every Indian restaurants in Bali is buying fake reviews, the food is overly expensive and tasteless, always check the lowest rating. There is one community in India Bania which has opened countless restaurants in Bali, Bangkok, Pattaya, ChiangMai and scamming tourist. Never ever ever eat at Indian restaurents outside India, its a SCAM

All restaurants have 1000s of reviews with 4.8 reviews and if you check the reviewers most have only one reviews or so. Its a BIG SCAM


Wednesday 13th of March 2024

I once experienced a 2 day Dehli belly. A nightmare. No Bali belly yet as I just visit restaurants favored by the locals as they surely would not frequent restaurants with hygienic issues.


Wednesday 13th of March 2024

Of course Indian food demand is rising with all of those Indian tourists visiting. It's common knowledge that they only like to buy from their own and patronize their own shops because they can bargain with their own as if in India. They are cheap and rude shoppers and only contribute to their own. That money gets sent back to India and contributes nothing to the Balinese or Indonesian economy.


Friday 15th of March 2024


Lunch today at Warung Bamboo, Pererenan. A table of 8 Indians came. No bargaining, polite, treated the staff with respect. Behaved just like the other mixed bag of 20+ people there.


Friday 15th of March 2024


@ lunch at Warung Bamboo, Pererenan. A table of 8 Indians arrived. Polite, no bargaining, respectful to the staff. Behaving like everyone else here.


Thursday 14th of March 2024

@Shorty, cheap and rude is the unanimous opinion of those of us in hospitality in Bali. It's simply true. Indians often book a table for 20 then upon arrival ask for a discount before sitting. There will resort to any ugly tactic to lower a price or get discount. Again, this is unanimous. Even Indian restaurateurs hate serving Indian customers. They tell me so frequently.


Thursday 14th of March 2024


Indian contribution to the Balinese economy apart from that mentioned in my previous post.

They are now number 2 behind Australia. 440,000 came here in 2023. 31+ in January this year.

That's a lot of VOA and Tourist tax (in the future).

Since December there are daily direct flights from Delhi. Slot, landing, refuelling, provision restocking and cleaning costs.


Wednesday 13th of March 2024

@Firechef, Emboldened by the fascist BJP no doubt.