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Hundreds Of Bali Hotels WIll Not Receive Financial Help After Evading Taxes

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Hundreds of Bali hotels did not meet the requirements for receiving financial help from the government after failing to present an operating license or pay taxes.

So far, the Tabanan District Government has received USD $500,000 (IDR 7,4 billion) in stimulus help from the Central Indonesian Government.

The money has been dispersed to qualified accommodations in the Tabanan area. After going through a verification process with the provincial government, 152 hospitality businesses have received the stimulus including 114 hotels and 38 restaurants.

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Head of Tabanan Tourism Agency, I Gede Sukanada said that the selected businesses that would receive the stimulus were the ones who have passed their verification and validation process. Sukanada also explained that there were 336 accommodation business that had failed the screening process because they didn’t have any legal permits for running their business or file taxes in 2019.

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According to the information from Tabanan Regional Financial Agency, the Central Government has given three requirements for accommodation businesses to apply for the stimulus package. They include having paid their 2019 tax, a legal business operating permit and had been operating until August even during the Covid-19 Pandemic.

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“After receiving the data of how many businesses would get the stimulus, we began to invite the owners to our office to fulfil all the data that is required so they could get it as soon as possible” Sukanada said in an interview reported by Jawa Pos.

The amount of stimulus that the business will receive varies. It will depend on the their  revenue according to their taxes

“We gave Soori Hotel for example, USD $67,800 (IDR 1 billion). But some hotels will only receive around USD $40. So it all depends” Sukanada added.

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Villages that opened for tourists to visit attractions would also receive a stimulus from Central Government as long as they could show the Notification Letter from the Village Empowerment Agency (DPMD) to the district government.

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