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How To Make Your ‘We Love Bali’ Donation

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We all love Bali, right? Ask anyone who has spent more than a few minutes in Bali, and they will be able to reel off half a dozen reasons why they love Bali without even thinking.

From the stunning sandy beaches to unrivaled hospitality, from nourishing food to reverent culture, Bali is simply magical.

While there are many ways to give back to Bali, the Tourism Board and the Provincial Government have made it easier than ever to give back to the island that gives so much to us all.

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In 2023, the Provincial Government wants to raise USD 2 million in donations from tourists. Why, we hear you say?

Why would tourists think about making a donation to the government when they’re already supporting businesses on the ground? Well, good questions, and there’s a good answer.

The government has set up the We Love Bali campaign as a way of avoiding imposing a mandatory tourism levy. This way, tourists are able to give what they feel is appropriate and what they are able to afford to help keep Bali beautiful.

The We Love Bali campaign is also serving as a platform to provide tourists with greater insights into the natural wonders and unique culture of Bali. All donations will be used to ensure the preservation of heritage sites and cultural practices across the island.

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The campaign is described by the team as “a movement initiated by the Bali Provincial Government to implement a new policy, ‘Nangun Sat Kerthi Loka Bali’, which is the Comprehensive Development Plan for a New Era of Bali. This vision aims to maintain the sanctity and harmony of nature, people, and culture of Bali”. That sounds like a smart move!

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What’s good about the We Love Bali campaign is that it’s not too ‘in your face’ in true Balinese style; the movement is understated. It is certainly giving as much as it is receiving.

Making your donation to the We Love Bali campaign is super simple. Leaders have partnered with dozens of hotels and tourist attractions where you’ll find QR codes available to scan and donate.

Alternatively, you can download the ‘Love Bali’ app from the Apple App Store or the Google Play store and explore what the site has to offer.


Once the app is installed and you’re ready to make your donation, simply click the heart icon at the bottom of the screen that says ‘contribute’.

This brings you to the payment platform, and you can choose your donation amount. The suggested donation amounts really don’t break the bank and is another respectful request.

You can also choose to enter a custom amount if you feel that’s right for you. You can pay using your international debit or credit card. And that’s it!

You’ll get an email confirmation and the warm fuzzies feel for knowing that you’ve supported the preservation of Balinese heritage as part of your trip to the island.


There are many ways that you can support the preservation of Balinese culture and heritage during your visit.

You can attend a traditional Barong performance or Kecak dance. These cultural performances are simply mesmerizing and truly remarkable experiences to be a part of.


Nature lovers can contribute to the preservation of Balinese culture by taking a guided tour through the rice fields. Learning about the rice growing cycles in Bali is the perfect way to understand the culture at large for communities in Bali to have a symbolic relationship with nature and working the land.

The Tegallalang Rice Terraces are perhaps the most famous rice fields in all of Bali, and deservedly so. If you want to get off path, visit the Sideman Rice Fields in Karangasem Regency or the UNESCO Cultural Heritage Rice Terraces at Jatiluwih for a peaceful meander around the vast expanse of green.

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Sunday 11th of February 2024

I have an idea you should look at this enterprise, Hidden City — YES!!!! that's the name of the development replacing the forest behind the city, and maybe if they pay for the ride to build this monstrum,, , probably make more money will come from this and from the turist all together.. ..LINK


Tuesday 20th of June 2023

Reading the responses and comments to this and other articles. They're overwhelmingly critical and negative. In reality they'll have no effect on the problems discussed, and serve no purpose but for a whinge. I don't understand why many keep raising and repeating. If it gives you the shits leave or move. Yes there's some annoyances, but the pleasures overweigh them and have kept me here for 15+ years. It's Bali, their country.


Thursday 22nd of June 2023

@Larry, No. Perhaps those that continually and repetitively complain should.


Thursday 22nd of June 2023

@Larry, Why?

I think it would be more appropriate if the people continually complaining (and many repetitively about the same things) stopped.

Besides in the scheme of things they mean f*ck all and given the long back stories on many complaints they achieve nothing.

It's their country and they're entitled to run it as they see fit.

Remember RI has only been independant for around 75 years. Very few if any European countries could match the RI achievement in a comparative time frame.

Few if any other countries have had the diversity of geography, religion, languages. They, as other ex colonial countries have the right to forge their own identity.

If they stuff up, so be it. Let them recognise it and find their own solutions.

I live here and accept there are annoying things. But for me the pleasures far outweigh the annoyances.

Expats continually knocking Bali without any mention of the things they like and the reasons they stay here are just whingeing.

It also suggests an egotistical sense of entitlement.


Wednesday 21st of June 2023

@Shorty, Stop comments.


Monday 19th of June 2023

Improve water system to softer water and clean More oñe way street and more bicycle lane...monorail


Sunday 18th of June 2023

Wouldnt mind donating if we had more say where the money goes and how it can be used to improve bali.

Such as decent drain capture system in Canggu and Berawa rather than the open air drains running polluted, foul smelled water straight into the Oceans.

Near Atlas and other areas.

The money needs to go to environmental causes urgently.


Monday 19th of June 2023

I wish the money was directed to poor villages in the remote areas. Children dies from rabies (no knowledge about vaccine), poor nutrition resulting in stunting, etc. People living in abject poverty is everywhere, even in Denpasar. Not even a tiny portion of tourist income is directed at these people so far to my knowledge?


Monday 19th of June 2023

@Harry, The money needs to go to close all the horrible beach clubs, so all the narcissists will never enter Bali.


Saturday 17th of June 2023

"We all love Bali, right? Ask anyone who has spent more than a few minutes in Bali, and they will be able to reel off half a dozen reasons why they love Bali without even thinking"- it's a joke, right?

I hate all the money scammers. I hate all the drug dealers. I hate the horrible traffic. I hate all the narcissists taking selfies and staring at their phones. I hate all the disgusting beach clubs. I hate the pollution. I hate the greed. I hate the Russian mafia.

Ohh, wait- that was more than half a dozen.