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How Cheap Is Bali? Mind-Blowing Prices That Will Shock You

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Bali is known for being affordable, but just HOW cheap is it really?

Here are the unbelievably low costs/prices for things like food, accommodation, transportation, entertainment and shopping.

How Cheap is Food in Bali:

how cheap is food in bali

Breakfast = $0

Breakfast in Bali is usually included in almost every hostel, homestay, or hotel.

Cheap Lunch: $1.50 usd / $2.25 aud

Eating in a local warung has some major perks like unreal flavour and super-cheap prices.

Trendy Lunch: $12 usd / $18 aud

At a vegan hot-spot or a super Instagramable joint, the average lunch for 2 people comes in under $20. Like 2 plates and an appetizer at Kynd 

vegan food is so cheap in bali

Nice Dinner: $23 usd / $35 aud

3 course for 2 people: Appetizers, main course and dessert is a bargain compared to eating out at home. Depending on the restaurant, drinks might even be included at this rate.

Fresh Juice: $2 usd / $3 aud

A big tall glass of freshly squeezed anti-inflammatory Jamu is just what the doctor ordered. At this price you could have one daily!

Cold Beer: $1.25 usd / $1.80 aud

Indulging in a beach-side Bintang won’t break the bank in Bali

How Cheap is Shopping/Entertainment in Bali:

cheap shopping in Bali

1- Hour Couples Massage = $17 usd / $26 aud

Bali is one of the cheapest places on Earth to indulge in a couples-massage. Take advantage of how cheap a 1-Hour massage for 2 people really is.

Sun Dress at the Market = $8 usd / $12 aud

Shopping for anything at local markets is very affordable. Don’t forget to sharpen your bartering skills.

90 Minute Yoga Class = $9 usd / $13.50 aud

Nothing says zen quite like the Bali lifestyle, especially with beautiful yoga studios offering classes at amazing rates.

yoga classes are cheap in bali

All-Day Snorkle Rental = $5 usd / $7.50 aud

Spend all day in the water with a mask and snorkel rental for just a few dollars.

Full Day Instagram Photo Tour = $10 usd / $15 aud

Need some new jaw-dropping photos? You can book an all day tour around all of Bali’s hotspots to capture beautiful shots for only $10 a person.

How Cheap is Accommodation in Bali:

How cheap are hotels in bali

Budget Dorm Hostel = $6 usd / $9 aud

Mixed-dorm hostels can be found all across Bali for a lower cost than fast-food combo back home. Like the ‘NamaStay’ hostel in Ubud.

NamaStay in Bali is a hostel under $10 a night

Rural Homestay= $10 usd / $15 aud

Get off the beaten path and stay in a gorgeous rural homestay for a fraction of what you thought possible.

3-Star Hotel= $35 usd / $53 aud

An average 3-star hotel will get you a private room, swimming pool, and daily housekeeping. Yes please! The Tapa Nata hotel in Ubud has raving reviews and offers a suite with a garden view for this budget.

3-star hotel Tapa Nata Ubud in Bali is cheap

4-Star Hotel= $55 usd / $84 aud

An average 4-star hotel in Bali will have perks like an extra large room, swim-up bar, rooftop lounge and on-site dining.

5-Star Hotel= $80 usd / $120 aud

5-Star Hotels starts around only $80 a night and will have things like: Beachfront location, Bali-beds, luxurious rooms, and top-notch service.  The Patra Bali located in Kuta has beautiful rooms, many refreshing swimming pools, and even a private beach area.

The patra is a cheap 5-star resort in bali

How Cheap is Transportation in Bali:

Short GoJek Ride = $1.50 usd / $2.25 aud

Hop on the back of a GoJek scooter for pocket-change.

1-Day Scooter Rental = $3 usd / $4.50 aud

You can rent your own scooter for the entire day for under $5

scooter rentals are cheap in bali

Taxi Ride = $4 usd / $6 aud

Take a taxi (we like Grab or Bluebird) from one area to the next for just a few bucks.

Private Driver = $25 usd / $38 aud

Hiring your own private driver (who is sometimes also a guide!) in a nice clean vehicle for 3-5 hours day is incredibly cheap in Bali

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