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Global Embassies Called In To Help Promote Bali Tourism Tax

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Bali’s new tourism tax is officially in operation.

The new tourism levy is mandatory for all international tourists visiting the province and can be paid online, in person at Bali Airport, or with registered hotels and resorts.

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As the first week of the new normal unfolds, global embassies have been contacted to help socialize and promote the new tourism tax to the island’s top visitors.

Ambassadors working at Indonesian Embassies have been issued a letter calling for more support to disseminate information regarding Bali’s tourism tax to potential visitors. 

The Head of the Bali Tourism Office, Tjok Bags Pemayun, told reporters, “The letter was sent to Indonesian ambassadors across the world, signed by the Bali Governor.”

While there is no clear punishment or fine in the face for not paying the mandatory fee, leaders in Bali want tourists to know clearly what is expected of them when visiting the island.

This includes knowing that the new tourism tax is in place and acting in accordance with the list of Bali Do’s and Don’ts that was published last year as part of an initiative to crack down on badly behaved foreigners on the island. 

Tourists must know that it is easier and quicker to pay for their tourism tax online before arriving in Bali. By doing so, they will only have to present their tourism tax voucher to one of the seven officers on standby at Bali Airport.

The seven officers on duty have been given QR code scanners, and they will be manually checking those who have paid the fee. 

Pemayun told reporters, “We don’t want to create additional queues, so we use more [practical] scanning for the initial stage with mobile devices first.”

The hope is that the new system will not interfere with tourist’s arrival recesses. The payment for a fee on arrival can be paid in just 23 seconds, according to top tourist officials.

However, at peak times, there may be another queue for the tourism tax payment, in addition to paying for the visa on arrival and waiting for the immigration officials to stamp passports. 


The tourism levy is already raising funds for the provincial government to spend on preserving heritage, protecting natural landscapes, and improving the tourist experience.

Officials have released data to show that tourists were happy to pay the fee even during the trial period from 7th-13th February, when the tax was introduced on a voluntary basis.

As it stands now, over IDR 2.2 billion has already been collected.


Bali is targeting to welcome 7 million international tourists in 2024, with Indonesia as a whole aiming to see 11.4 million international visitors.

With so many tourists flowing through I Gusti Ngurah Rai International Airport and so many steps the arrivals process, it’s easy to see why officials are investing in developing more digital systems for tourism services at the airport. 

New auto-gates are now installed at the international arrivals terminal, with more to be added to the departures hall soon.

The new auto-gates allow tourists to quickly their passports and pass through immigration, though all counters for immigration at Bali Airport are still staffed. 


One of the easiest ways tour groups can save time on arrival in Bali is to arrange their visa on arrival before touching down on the island.

There is only one official Indonesian Immigration website, which is – on this site, tourists can apply for the eVoA for up to five people in a group.

The process is simple: head to the homepage and click ”apply”, select the visa category to apply for, fill in the travel details and personal information (all straightforward stuff), and make the payment.

Once approved, the visa will be sent to the applicants via email. 

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J West

Tuesday 20th of February 2024

Ukraine just lowered the mandatory conscription age. The military is scraping the bottom of the barrel and accepting "volunteers' at 17. Both armies are losing soldiers fast and needs new soldiers immediately. The Estonian EU spokesman called expats "cowards" and talks of forcing the repatriation of expat Ukrainians back to Ukraine wherever they hide.I anticipate Ukraine and Russia to cancel expats passports soon and return Balis new landlords back to where they came from whether it be Bali or Thailand. Thai are reporting big problems with crooked Russians....the end won't be nice for those involved.


Monday 19th of February 2024

And where in heavens name can I, not in the possession of a credit card, pay in cash for this tourists tax?? Think the professionals never thought about that.


Saturday 17th of February 2024

Sir, Please improve the airport taxi system and not overcharged fees.

Many more options and waiting stations.. present very messy. Thanks



Saturday 17th of February 2024

Why did officials collect tax during a so-called "trial" period from 7th-13th February as official start was 14th? Did they tell the arriving tourists that actual date was 14th or just asked them to pay? Very sneaky and underhand approach.

So when are they going to set up desks for payment and checks at the airport or is the plan to roam around Bali and asking for random checks and shakedown?


Sunday 18th of February 2024


Hearsay or proven with evidence like a dated passport stamp.


Saturday 17th of February 2024

Indonesia government site online evisa is one of the most complicated and time consuming processes of any of the SE Asian nations. 23 seconds, Im calling bohong. As for the autogates at the airport they are a marvel of Indonesian incompetence and impotence. The autogates have been there since before COVID and they still don't work. Too many rokos and kopis for the airport staff during COVID and not enough attention to detail. Tourist Tax for a domestic littering problem is a international disgrace and nothing more than a greedy money grab by an extremely greedy politician. During COVID there were NO TOURISTS but there was still an incredible amount of rubbish/sumpa. Maybe the locals need to be recognised internationally as "Sumpanesians"


Sunday 18th of February 2024

@Sumpanesian, Projection is a national sport here: Blame foreigners and then charge foreigners a tourist tax to fix the waste problem.