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Flowers Not Fines – Bali Police Gift Drivers A Little Love On Valentine’s Day

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For many visitors to Bali, Valentine’s Day was spent indulging in flower baths, romantic meals, and luxurious hotel getaways. Bali’s traffic police decided they wanted to spread a little love on Valentine’s Day this year and handed out chocolates and flowers to drivers all across the island. The gesture of goodwill is part of the Bali-wide Great Safety Operation 2023.

Traffic Police in Bali Indonesia

Traffic police in Tabanan Regency, Klungkung Regency, and Denpasar distributed roses and chocolates to drivers at key intersections. In Denpasar, the operation was led by Deputy Head of Denpasar Police AKP Shinta Ayu Pramesti. Traffic officers conducted their usual traffic violation checks, namely pulling over drivers not wearing helmets and checking licenses. They gave away flowers and chocolates to drivers with children, and there were smiles all around.

AKP Pramesti said, “We give warnings, appeals, and also continue to take action against motorists who do not comply with traffic rules for safety.” By the end of the day forty-nine verbal warnings were given to drivers not obeying the rules of the road, along with twenty written warnings for drivers in Denpasar alone. The Denpasar police unit handed out thirty gifts of chocolate and flowers to drivers who were honoring the rules of the road.

Speaking separately, the Head of Public Relations of the Denpasar Police, AKP I Ketut Sukad, said the gifts were a form of ‘memento’ for drivers to increase motivation to adhere to traffic laws. He added, “As a form of Polri’s affection for the community, we ask motorists to always obey traffic rules.”

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Over in Tabnana, the flower and chocolate giving bought even more smiles. The simple gesture was well received by residents. The Head of Tabanan Police, AKP Kanisius Pranata, led his team in the gift-giving in the early morning as residents were on their way to work.

AKP Pranata told reporters, “At this moment, we hope that with what we have done, the public will be aware and will no longer commit traffic violations. So start with chocolate and flowers. We distributed chocolates, flowers, and helmets to the children. That is a form of our affection from the Police agency to the community.”

He shared an update about the success of the Great Safety Operation in Tabnana Regency so far. The campaign will continue until 20th February. The Tabanann Traffic Police Unit has given warnings to one hundred motorcyclists driving without a helmet. AKP Pranata told reporters, “There are more than 100 violators when it comes this week. In fact, we had seven targets for violations apart from not wearing helmets and going against the flow. The whole thing is a warning. Because there are no more manual tickets.”


In Klungkung Regency, local traffic officers handed out flowers and chocolates in front of the Ida Dewa Agung Jambe Monument. AKBP I Nengah Sadiarta, who is the Chief of Police for Klungkung, explained to reports that the Great Safety Operation is also supported by the Indonesian Army and the Transportation Agency.

He added, “We distributed chocolates and flowers in front of the monument, which was coupled with Valentine’s Day, 14th February 2023. Traffic safety is our common need to be able to reduce traffic accidents”. He concluded that he also reminded the public to adhere to road safety signs across the regency so that Klungkung can become a pioneer in road safety in the province.


The Great Safety Operation started on the 7th February and is a campaign to increase awareness of road safety across Bali province. In areas where there is a high prevalence of foreign drivers, the traffic police will be targeting ‘naughty’ international road users.


Throughout the campaign, police will not be issuing fines, but rather verbal and written warnings and information about the rules of the road. For example, traffic police caught one foreign driver on the road without his helmet; rather than a monetary fine, he was sent back to his accommodation to collect his helmet (and put it on!) Before continuting on his journey.

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Thursday 16th of February 2023

Chocolates and flowers? This is great police work.

But when is the police going to come out in the evening and night and put an end to all the locals speeding along recklessly without mufflers and sometimes even without lights! This is the real noise and pollution hell here in Bali with thousands and people negatively affected everyday! Police is well aware. Why is nothing done to this menace?