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Final Preparations Underway For Opening Of The Biggest Mall In Bali

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The ICON Mall Bali is set to open its doors to the public this week in Sanur. The mall is set to become the biggest mall in Bali.

The big launch of the new venue will see some other huge changes happening in Sanur, one of which is the way traffic flows in the area. 

Inside of a shopping mall

To anticipate traffic jams ahead of the big opening and the huge influx of tourists and locals set to visit ICON Mall in the coming days, weeks and months, the Denpasar City Transportation Agency (Dishub) is working with the army and Bali Police, as well as traditional village leaders to implement a one-way traffic flow system along Jalan Danau Toba, Jalan Danau Tamblingan through to Jalan Danau Poso. 

Speaking to reporters the Head of the Denpasar City Transportation Agency, I Ketut Sariawan, stated that currently a trial period is in place for the implemention of this new one-way traffic system and at the same time outreach is being carried out to the public and road users. The trial and socialization process will continue until next week. 

As plans stand, if the trial goes according to planl, the implementation of one-way traffic flow on Jalan Danau Toba to Jalan Danau Tamblingan to Jalan Danau Poso, Sanur, South Denpasar will soon be a permanent feature and traffic signs will be installed to confirm the new road rules.

Sriawan said the end of the one-way flow is at the intersection of Jalan Danu Tamblingan and Jalan Danu Poso. Danau Poso Road will still be used in both directions. 

Sriawan added, “Now the trial is starting while providing outreach to the public and road users. The area will have a one-way traffic flow because the Bali Icon Mall will be inaugurated. We are observing the movements for next week together with traffic and pecalang forums. “If it is good, permanent traffic signs will soon be made.”

He concluded, “The Sanur area is the largest tourist area in Denpasar City. “We will continue to monitor it until the implementation really goes well.”

Plans and preparation for the grand opening of ICON Bali Mall are in full swing. The new mall complex is being opened as part of the great Sanur revival.

The popular coastal resort of Sanur has been one of Bali’s lead family-friendly resorts for decades and is, in fact, home to the island’s first multi-story hotel. 

The ICON Bali Mall will open its doors on Friday 7th June and there are grand opening events happening all weekend throughout the giant mall and entertainment complex.

The mall will be home to the 8 Wonders of Bali, features of the mall that include a butterfly park, amphitheater, edible garden, the ICON floating market, the ICON beach Gallery, the ICON Promenade, and the sunset sea foundation. Plans show that the ICON Beach Promenade will also feature two beach clubs. 

ICON Mall says, “We are fortunate to have the ocean right in front of our beach facade, making a stroll from our mall to the beach and vice versa a seamless journey. Not one, but two beach clubs are situated purposely on the beach front where families and friends can indulge in water activities, great food, music and vibes. Foot rinse and indoor shower facility are available for guests’ comfort.”

Over the last five years, a series of massive development projects have been underway in and around Sanur, and the area is almost unrecognizable. Sanur is set to become a hub for medical and wellness tourism in Southeast Asia, and the new Bali International Hospital is set to open in Q4 of this year. 

The all new Bali International Hospital will pitch Bali as a leading competitor in the medical tourism space, set to give medical tourists an alternative to destinations like Kuala Lumpur, Bangkok, Chiang Mai and Singapore.

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Tuesday 11th of June 2024

One way flow in Jalan Danau Tamblingan has been cancelled. I visited on my bike and nobody bothered with the one-way flow signs anymore.

The mall is built to the latest in Indonesian airport terminal standard and will look tired after two years in this hot and humid marine climate.

The basement floating market had electricity wires in a real mess and near the water surface. My advice: Watch your children and do not touch any metal over there.

Not much food options, so I headed to one of my old regulars instead well away from the mall.


Sunday 9th of June 2024

Yes! This is exactly what foreign tourists desired the most when they come to Bali, supposedly an island paradise, to visit the largest mall in all of southeast Asia. Not the beaches or natural scenery but a mall. Just like the ones in their own countries. Absolutely brilliant idea!


Tuesday 11th of June 2024


A monkey who hates nature is what you are. Do they sell bananas in the new mall?

Steve b

Tuesday 11th of June 2024

@Nyoman, the rich ones


Monday 10th of June 2024

@JoKer, mall is also for Indonesians, not everything is for tourists, and Indonesians love shopping

Maureen Santoso

Sunday 9th of June 2024

Why must one build another mall in Bali. you will kill the small traders there. Bali is not for walking around the mall because many people can enjoy the nature that Bali offers. Let us enjoy shopping from these small traders. I personally am fed up with malls... it turns out you guys want to destroy Bali with its beautiful nature!


Tuesday 11th of June 2024

@Nyoman, Imagine you can sit in the new mall wearing your new 50,000rp injection molded shoes and wish you were white.


Monday 10th of June 2024

@Maureen Santoso, cry me a river baby boy. Dont like it, dont come here


Saturday 8th of June 2024

The road changes are creating problems. But give the traffic and ICON time to settle before making any knee jerk reactions. Bandaids on bandaids don't work. I'm sure ICON will be working with the relevant people to ease congestion. Ease of access plays a big part in their customer flow.


Saturday 8th of June 2024

The final destruction of Sanur and Bali. The construction of this mall makes no sense and is absolutely not necessary. Poor Bali!