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A ferry carrying 65 passengers and 33 vehicles capsized and partially sank in Bali after running aground trying to dock in a harbour.

65 passengers and crew members were forced to abandon ship after the Ro-Ro KMP Dharma Rucitra III ferry started taking on water and then  tilted on its side and capsized.

The passenger ferry was coming from Lembar, Lombok and was attempting to dock at the Padang Bai port in eastern Bali around 10:00 pm, June 12th. 

Ferry sinks in Water bali

Image: EPA

Water began to flood the engine causing the ferry to partially sink in the shallow waters. Authorities then evacuated the 48 passengers and 17 crew members. No injuries were reported in the incident. 

‘The ship could not be docked to the dock and at 21:45 Wita we evacuated passengers and crew to the dock in safe condition. The evacuation process was completed at 22:18″ Head of Padang Bai Class IV Port Authority Ni Luh Putu Eka Suyasmin said.

Image: Dicky Bisinglasi/ZumeWire/REX

The ferry was transporting 48 passengers, 21 trucks, 3 cars and 9 motorbikes.

According to the Daily Mail, the ferry tilted after some of the vehicles onboard starting sliding to one side during docking.

Image: Karangasem Police

All passengers and crew underwent medical checks as a precaution. 

Image: Karangasem Police

‘This morning we will check the condition of the ship and ask for the help of a tug boat from Pertamina to shift the ship, “Ni Luh Putu Eka Suyasmin told the Daily Mail.

“We will ensure that the location of the incident is safe and does not interfere with shipping activities,” concluded Suyasmin. 

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