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Drug Lab Discovered In Canggu Shocks Bali’s Booming Tourist Village 

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News that a drug lab has been uncovered in Bali’s Canggu has rocked the tourism island.

Four people have been arrested, including three foreign nationals, in connection with the narcotics production facility raided by the Bali Police and National Narcotics Agency, as confirmed by the authorities in a press conference on Monday, the 13th of May 2024.

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Footage from the drug lab located beneath a villa in Canggu shows a full-scale hydroponics system for growing marijuana and a laboratory set up for the production of mephedrone.

The initial raid was conducted on the property in Canggu on the 2nd of May, with more details revealed by the authorities this week as the investigation remains underway. 

Two Ukrainian brothers, known by their initials IV and MV, and a Russian citizen known by his initials KK, have been arrested in connection with the clandestine drug operation on the island.

Top officials are also investigating this drug lab as a suspected asset of the Indonesian-born international drug kingpin Fredy Pratama.

Speaking in a press conference on the 5th of May, the Head of Countermeasures, Abuse, and Illegal Circulation (P3GN), Inspector General Asep Edi Suheri, told the media that a series of raids and arrests connected to the network had been completed.

He said, “The total confiscation of assets from the Fredy Pratama network is worth IDR 432.20 billion.” 

The initial investigation has confirmed that brothers IV and MV masterminded the production of narcotics.

KK is believed to have acted as the distributor, and an Indonesian citizen with the initials LM, who has also been arrested, acted as a facilitator and the account holder as part of the Fredy Pratama network. 

During the raid of the Canggu villa and the accommodation of the arrestees, hundreds of kilograms of a range of production chemicals and specialist equipment for making drugs such as mephedrone and hydroponic marijuana were seized.

This is in addition to 9,799g of hydroponic marijuana and 437g of mephedrone. Via KK and LM, an additional 382.19 g of marijuana, 484.92 g of hashish, 107.95 g of cocaine, and 6kg of methamphetamine were also seized. 

During the press conference, the Head of the National Police’s Criminal Investigation Agency (Kabareskrim), Komjen Pol Wahyu Widada, revealed that the drugs lab had been set up in September 2023.

He confirmed, “If we look inside, there is a room for a bunker, there is a hydroponic area, there are also air ducts that have been prepared so that they have air circulation from outside, including inside the box, so that it doesn’t disturb, because of this the smell must be different, there is a smell, and there is a sound so that the neighbors don’t hear it next door. They built the bottom themselves with their own design.” 


Widada confirmed that the drugs were marketed via a series of Telegram groups and on the dark web.

The group advertised their operation in ‘covert’ tags, and ads graffitied onto street corners and walls in the Canggu area and Ubud. The operation was branded as Hydra Indonesia.

Widada explained, “For drug transactions, [they] used the Telegram application. The site address is posted everywhere; maybe if ordinary people see it, they wouldn’t know, but it turns out it is a code for people to buy drugs.”


The Director of Narcotics Crime, Polri Brigadier General Mukti Juharsa, said that the brothers are thought to have an educational background in chemistry.

He said “They taught themselves online but I think they are chemists too. Some of the ingredients they bought online, some from China, some from Romania, they have produced marijuana twice.”

It is suspected that during the 6-months operation of the lab the group turnover a profit of over IDR 4 billion. Transactions are believed to have been mostly completed with cryptocurrency. 

Widada told reporters, “The estimated value of all the drug evidence that was secured in this arrest is around IDR 11.5 billion. But that is outside of the previous material. If this material had been finished, it would have been even greater.” 


Police are currently working to track down two more individuals who are connected with the Canggu Drugs Lab. Two men from Ukraine were identified as RNs and OK.

The four men charged with the suspects were charged with Article 114 paragraph (2), subsidiary Article 113 paragraph (2), Article 112 paragraph (2), more subsidiary Article 129 letter A, and Article 111 paragraph (2) in conjunction with Article 132 paragraph (1) of the Law – RI Law Number 35 of 2009 concerning Narcotics with a minimum penalty of 5 years in prison and a maximum penalty of death as well as a minimum fine of IDR 1 billion and a maximum of IDR 10 billion.

There are currently over 150 people on death row in Indonesia, most of whom have been convicted of drug charges.

It is believed that one-third of death row inmates in Indonesia are foreigners; the last execution by firing squad took place in 2016.

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Thursday 16th of May 2024

Don't kid or delude yourselves. The drug scene was alive and well long before any Russian involvement or Russian tourism. Corby and the Bali 9 were Australian. Chapters of bikie gangs, local organisations like Balidika, enterprising freelancers.... You're naive if you think Fredy Pratama is the only high ranking involved Indonesian, and that trafficking is controlled or dominated by Russians.


Monday 20th of May 2024




Sunday 19th of May 2024

@Shorty, Indonesia’s most wanted Drug fugitive has been arrested in the Philippines. He is now awaiting extradition to face charges in Indonesia. Death penalty may be on the table. The suspect is an Australian citizen who is connected with the Sinaloa Mexican drug cartel. The suspect’s father is the popular rugby player Payne Haas.


Friday 17th of May 2024

@Shorty, New arrivals would be surprised if they just google "police general arrest drug"


Friday 17th of May 2024


It wouldn't surprise me if they were set up.

Hydroponics need a lot of electricity for lights, plus water. Cooking junk the same plus smell which with AC increases power needs plus the sound. Power consumption in particular would have been noticed.

Even if they used the dark web they still needed supplies to be delivered, and deliveries of finished product. Abnormal traffic would have been noticed.

So why sacrificial lambs?

If it was their own people it diverted attention and gave them some blind eye considerations and the police some winkie points.

For the same reasons it could have been a competitor flexing muscle.

Much crime is solved by information received. A large proportion is from criminal informants either trying to reduce their involvement, or getting a blind eye to some of their activities.

Before anyone jumps on the corrupt Bali band waggon, this is common in the countries we all come from.


Thursday 16th of May 2024

As a member of Ukrainian community in Bali, I want to apologize for these criminals. I know one thing for sure, a normal Ukrainian would never communicate with Russians, let along launch drugs production. These people are a complete disgrace and spoil the image of Ukrainians who has been living here for years peacefully without violating any local rules and laws. They are mentally Russian, not Ukrainian and should rot in jail.


Tuesday 21st of May 2024

@Randy, neither a tourist or refugee, I'm an expat living here since 2018. And there are plenty of people like me from Ukraine living here long before Russia made a genocide in our country.

@Ben, well you probably know better about Ukrainian's attitude towards Russians and towards those doing business with them.


Sunday 19th of May 2024

@Ben, spot on.


Sunday 19th of May 2024

@Goose, You seemed to know a whole lot about it. Besides Do you call yourself a Tourist refugee in Bali? That’s the new label for people from Russia and the Ukraine in particular.


Saturday 18th of May 2024

@Goose, you seem to be living in a highly air-conditioned imaginary world. In business, in friendships in crime both nations are buddies. What the communists, later Nazis and now the US neocons have succeeded, making them enemies. And some fools subscribe to it. Wake up.


Friday 17th of May 2024

@Randy, it's you right. But most Ukrainians in Bali don't communicate with Russians at all. Those who do that are either brainwashed by years of propaganda, or have no moral values at all + they must have been extremely stupid to do anything drugs-related in Indonesia. The brand under which these criminals were operating is Hydra, which is essentially a Russian drug-cartel brand. Ukrainians living in Bali have no sympathy for these idiots.


Thursday 16th of May 2024

No way they can wriggle or wrangle out of this. Doubt that only life sentences will apply. I should imagine that it takes quite a bit of money to set 2 labs up and even more to operate them. This was/is not an act of survival - way more deliberate and damaging than that.

J West

Wednesday 15th of May 2024

Where there’s one, there are many more. Thousands of broke Russians given sanctuary in Bali pay the Balinese back with poison for the children. Look at how brazen and indiscrininate these monsters are in the distribution.

Kids could read the graffiti on every street corner. I hope these punks never see another free day. Typical Russian thugs. Now the police should infiltrate the Beach Clubs and arrest the hundreds of other low life Russians selling dope. Bali you were warned.


Wednesday 15th of May 2024

Send more money to save Ukraine.