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Covid-19 Rates In Bali Capital At Record Low And Under Control

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The Covid-19 Task Force in Bali’s capital Denpasar has confirmed that cases continue to decline. The latest data shared announced that there were zero deaths and one case that has been confirmed to have recovered. Denpasar Covid-19 Task Force have been alerted to four new positive cases in the city.

The authorities shared that the city has a 97.83% recovery rate and that 22 people are receiving in-patient care across Denpasar while testing positive for Covid-19. The spokesman for the Denpasar Covid-19 Task Force, I Dewa Gede Rai, confirmed that rates had hit a low point and urged the public to not slack off with health and safety protocols at this time. He said that although cases are very low, there is still community transmission of the virus. 

While updating the press about the caseloads in Denpasar, Rai said ‘…we must not slack off in implementing health protocols, because if we are careless and ignore the procedures, it is possible that Covid cases will increase again, so cooperation from all parties and all levels of society is needed. Obey the rules as implemented in the PPKM [local restrictions]’. As of June 8th Bali is moved to PPKM Level 1.

As local restrictions continue to ease Rai wants communities across Bali to remain conscious that the Omicron variant has been described by epidemiologists as less severe but more easily transmissible.

He said that discipline is key in ensuring that Bali continues to only make steps forward towards the end of the pandemic. This includes wearing masks in indoor settings and on public transport as well as regular sanitising practices.

Rai and his task force are continuing their efforts to improve community health, safety, and awareness of the virus. His team is supporting communities where the virus is present to help reduce transmission rates and assist in patient recovery. This is done through safe socialization with communities and through education, campaigns shared in person, and via online platforms.

The Denpasar Covid-19 Task Force is continuing to encourage community members to get vaccinated. They are working to ensure that all vulnerable people, those who are elderly and those who have Covid-19 comorbidities are fully vaccinated. The team is working to support increased awareness around the impact a booster vaccine can have on transmission, recovery rates, and severity of symptoms.

As tourists from all over the world arrive in Bali for the peak season the Covid-19 Task Force is aware that caseloads could increase. Indonesia has scrapped the PCR test for fully vaccinated travelers which has removed a huge hurdle for visitors to Bali. It remains to be seen if this relaxation of mandates causes a slight spike in caseloads.

Correlation is not causation however, caseloads may fluctuate in the coming months as people from all over Bali commute and travel from city to village, from home to office, and people being to socialize freely again.

The Covid-19 Task Force is confident that with such a high level of vaccine coverage across Denpasar any spike will be minimal and controllable. Denpasar is in the top three of the highest vaccine uptake rates of all cities in Indonesia.

Government Ministers have publicly announced that neither travelers nor locals in Bali should ‘worry’ about Covid-19 anymore. Though the worry may be able to subside, the Covid-19 Task Force is encouraging a pragmatic and sensible approach for all. 

Bali’s outlook on living with Covid-19 as a new normal is positive. As caseloads continue to decline and flight schedules continue to increase the island is finding the balance between restrictions and freedoms, economic recovery and financial safeguarding.

Bali has received many congratulations for its handling of the pandemic from world leaders while hosting the UN Global Platform For Disaster Risk Reduction Conference. Keeping case loads low and in decline is the main focus for the Bali Covid-19 Tasks Forces for the foreseeable future.

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Wayan Bo

Friday 10th of June 2022

BA.5 ❗️❗️❗️


Thursday 9th of June 2022

To quote: "Bali’s outlook on living with Covid-19 as a new normal is positive. As caseloads continue to decline and flight schedules continue to increase the island is finding the balance between restrictions and freedoms, economic recovery and financial safeguarding." DESPITE receiving various accolades from world leaders, the present relaxed attitude could bring elevated cases again in Indonesia. It may be a matter of time. Breakthrough infections are real.

With the reopening of the borders with foreign travelers bringing in various ailments and viruses are big upcoming challenges. Cases could be lower when people are not getting tested. People not wearing masks as they should be is still scary. We are not out of the woods yet.

America is seeing rising covid cases and masks are back on. New posted signs with the return of wearing mask indoors are appreciated but not a must. Such an ambiguous notice. Sighs.


Thursday 9th of June 2022

I am very happy to hear that Bali is recovering and that the G20 will be held there. Also the use of plastics will hopefully be gone at the end of 2022. Bali is doing a great job in reducing waste. Especially if organic matter can be composted. Even organic matter in the villages which can be used in vegetable gardens etc..


Friday 10th of June 2022

@Caroline, I am glad that's happening. Everyone is getting involved to help manage waste accordingly in Bali.