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Community Creates Village Tourism Program For Bali’s Best Kept Secret Waterfall

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The community of Temesi Village in Gianyar Regency has come together to create a community-led tourism initiative that they hope will bring travelers from all over the world to their home.

The project has been led by the younger generation in the village who believe that strong environmental values and a picturesque destination will be irresistible for travelers. The initiative has been named Tamba West Pokdarwis.

The head of the Temesi Banjar (local council) I Ketut Branayoga said that “It can be seen from the younger generation who are involved in the tourism and non-tourism sectors, they are very enthusiastic and have made the Pokdawris group themselves…This group has expressed that they are looking at the existing potential. There is natural and potential we can create ourselves’.

The team are holding meetings that are open to people from across the community, from elderly to teenagers and young children.

The Chair of the Tamba West Pokdarwis group, I Wayan Sunarga, told local reporters that the waterfall has never before been considered a destination for tourists. He said that the team is exploring how to create eco-tourism programs that can benefit the community as a whole. He noted how the program could increase the village’s income.

The group is not wasting any time, together they have already designed a management structure and a set of values that any tourism initiatives must adhere to. Much like Bali Governor Wayan Koster who has set out a no-compromise 15-point plan for tourism recovery, the Temesi Community are determined to see their project come to life.

The Tamba West Pokdarwis group has gathered a team of sixty residents who work together to clear up the walking route down to the waterfall. The area is not in a bad state but the team is conscious that improvements to the walkway, the road, and the litter in the area must be completed before they can proudly open a program to the public.

Every Sunday the sixty volunteers get to work and the Tamba West Pokdarwis team says that through this cooperation progress is being made. 

Sunarga said that he hoped that the team would be able to attract the interest of outside support to help bring the project to the next level. He and his team are determined that Temesi will be Bali’s next most popular cultural village and waterfall. At present the area is a hidden gem, while they don’t want the area to become over-commercialized, they do want to tap into the passing trade that exists in their village.

Tesemi Village is en route to Besakih Temple and the famous Penglipuran Tourism Village. Tesemi Village is only a stone’s throw away from Ubud which welcomes culture hungry and nature-loving travelers from all over the world. Every day day-trippers pass by the village and the community have seen an opportunity to add value.

Bali’s most popular waterfalls include Tengenungan Waterfall, Banyumala Twin Falls, and Gitgit Waterfall in northwest Bali. Tesemi Village and its hidden waterfall could make the community a reliable source of income.

Travel trends are leaning evermore towards environmentally conscious and ethical travel. If the Tamba West Pokdarwis team can continue to improve accessibility to the area and offer an authentic cultural experience to travelers they will undoubtedly find success.

Bali attracts a wide variety of travelers. There are the holiday-makers who are content to stay in their resorts, there are curious travelers who like to explore what’s on offer but daren’t step off the beaten path, and then there are the travelers who are eager and excited to explore only the hidden gems and best kept secrets.

Tamba West Pokdarwis said ‘We hope and believe that with the help of everyone who is involved in the world of tourism that this project will become a source of pride.’

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Sunday 5th of June 2022

And with that waterfall dont forget to hhave Heap of ugly stalls and beggars lining the rd to the waterfall


Friday 10th of June 2022

@Bogdan,don't forget your manners you rude count


Friday 10th of June 2022



Sunday 5th of June 2022

Tegenungan Waterfall mentioned in the article seems to be a poor example of how to develop a tourist attraction: Look up google reviews for Tegenungan Waterfall: - Entrance fee 20k + another 20k to view at higher ground - Trash - Off-putting commercial developments: > Café/bar blasting loud music! > Instagram swings > Souvenir shops > Concrete structures built into the cliffs around waterfall

So there is lessons to be learned.

Billy Rumnano

Sunday 5th of June 2022

Forget paying, and paying, No payments, Bali is all about payments for everything. I call Bulls*t

Wayan Bo

Saturday 4th of June 2022

Can become perhaps tourist attraction like Niagara waterfalls.