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British Family Sign Peace Agreement After 24-Year-Old Tourist Killed In Bali

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The family of a British man who was killed in a hit-and-run incident in Buleleng Regency last week has signed a peace agreement with the perpetrator.

The incident happened on Thursday 2nd November at around 1 p.m. in Tajun Village, which sits along the Singaraja-Kintamani Highway. 

Balinese People Pray In Traditional Cultural Ceremony In Bali

During a meeting facilitated by the British Consulate, the family of 24-year-old HB signed a peace agreement with Njoo Pin Tek, 54, who remains in police custody.

According to local reports, HB was driving from Ubud to Singarja on the night of the 2nd of November. He was driving a Honda Vario when he was hit by Tek who was driving a car. 

Tek has told police that he knew he had hit HB and saw that he had fallen from his moped onto the road.

However, rather than stopping and checking the condition of HB, Tek told police that he presumed that he was OK, simply grazed in the collision, and drove onwards.

Tek has told police that he took a right turn too wide, which resulted in him colliding with HB who was on the correct side of the road. 

Tek was arrested by Kintamani Police, in partnership with the Bulelng Police Traffic Unit, close to Ulun Danu Batur Temple.

The Head of the Traffic Unit for Buleleng Police, AKP Bachtiar Arifin, spoke to reporters after the meeting with HB’s family and the British Consulate. 

@life_of_lozz Before I say what i’m about to say, there are so many beautiful parts of Bali but we were not prepared for just how dangerous the roads were going to be. Most of the time you had to just walk out and hope for the best 😬 there were also HUGE holes in the floor everywhere and hardly any pavements so if you were walking at night you had to keep your eyes on the ground and road ahead for oncoming traffic. In the end we used the taxi apps ‘grab’ and ‘gojek’ as they were cheap and much safer than walking (especially at night). #traveltiktok #bali #balitravelguide #travelbucketlist #southeastasia #baliroads #seasiatravel ♬ Oh No – Kreepa

AKP Afrin explained, “The British consulate is bridging the will of the victim’s family to resolve this case amicably.”

“Yesterday they signed a peace agreement because they have to return to their country.” He shared that HB’s family decided on a peace agreement since they could not continue to travel back and forth from Indonesia for a court case.

The British Consulate is working with authorities in Bali or organize the repatriation of HB to the UK. 

AKP Afrin added that Tek “thought he was just grazed, because [HB] was positioned from the side. It didn’t feel like he had been hit, so he continued his journey towards Kintamani.”

Despite the peace agreement, Tek could still face criminal charges from Buleleng Police and AKP Afrin said “The case is being processed to resolve.”

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The tragic death of HB is an awful reminder to tourists that Bali’s roads are dangerous, especially at night, even when driving with all safety precautions in place.

There are dozens of fatal collisions on Bali’s roads every week; while the majority involve local people, especially young drivers, there are also collisions involving foreigners. 


On Sunday night, a fatal collision took the life of a 15-year-old local boy and landed three others in hospital severely injured. The boys had been driving late at night, three on one moped, one on another.

The Head of Public Relations for the Buleleng Police, AKP Gede Darma Diatmika, confirmed on Sunday night that based on the police investigation, the traffic accident occurred due to the negligence of the driver of the Honda Scoopy, who was carrying two of his friends, one of whom died on impact.

AKP Diatmika told reporters, “One person died, while three other people were injured and are being treated in hospital. Currently, further investigations are being carried out by the Buleleng Police Traffic Unit and the Sawan Police.”


On Saturday night in Abiantuwung Village in Tabanan Regency, just 20 minutes from the popular tourist attractions around Tanah Lot Temple, a 19-year-old moped driver died of catastrophic head injuries in a collision with a truck.

Ica Nur Aini was driving with herself and her colleague home from work when she lost control of the moped and crashed into an oncoming truck. 


All drivers, tourists, and locals are urged to prioritize safety on the roads at all times. Always wear a helmet on a motorcycle, only driving at night where necessary, never driving under the influence of alcohol, and always hyper-vigilant to the behavior of other road users who may not be honoring the traffic laws. 

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Friday 10th of November 2023

Restorative justice under different names is common in RI, other SE Asian countries and in parts of the Middle East. It's been part of their codes for centuries and is accepted as a legal way to settle disputes. It's philosophically, socially and religious based. Yes there may be fees involved. So any different to engaging legal and other advice in the West? Having those people pushing for a particular way forward or compromise? It's immaterial if it conflicts with the Western concept of justice. It works for them. It's also ironic Westerners rubbish it, but readily embrace plea bargaining and witness protection. In this case for people blowing raspberries, the British Consulate was active in the negotiations.


Sunday 12th of November 2023

@Shorty, amen

Wayan Bo

Wednesday 8th of November 2023

Victim didn’t sign. Did victims family get at least U.S. $ 100 million?!


Wednesday 8th of November 2023

The Bali police just need to investigate and if trial the family do not need to attend court as they are not witnesses. So why force the family to sign a "peace agreement"? This "restorative justice" approach is always designed to get locals off the hook when they end up in trouble with foreigners. That way the crime statistics will look great.

And by the way, local news refer to 1pm, not 1am. So it was daylight. The car driver speeding and/or watching his phone? I take taxi/gocar a lot and drivers have no respect for passengers and others on the road as many are constantly on their phone. For gocar just award them 1 star and they will soon be out of business.

J West

Friday 10th of November 2023

@Exp, Peace Agreement"..

Crap. The killer should be in prison for manslaughter being caned every day for at least 5 parole.


Wednesday 8th of November 2023

Iliving10years in Bali. Never i see never control police day or evening for control. No use helmets also locals. Then also young kids driving to fast where is the responsibility about there parents?.. Also the electric bicycles many children where is the control parents policy ??? Education for responsibility about that ???


Tuesday 14th of November 2023

@Exp, entrepreneurial police.


Thursday 9th of November 2023

@Theo, There is a local saying police love to serve in "wilaya basah". Those with a bit of Indonesian knowledge will know what I hint at.


Wednesday 8th of November 2023

The amount of under age motorbike riders on Balinese roads is staggering. In the Tabanan area alone around the villages school kids down to 8 years old are riding motorbikes like they are on fast toys. No helmet no license and seemingly parents who dont care. Where are the polisi and the local pecalang in trying to eradicate this illegality and stupidity. Why do the local schools let underage kids ride motorbikes to school. Then let them ride away from school lairising and taking huge risks with their lives. Tourists are told to wear helmets and ensure they have a International license and told to drive/ride sensibly but this does not apply to locals. Its not surprising that there are so many fatalities and serious injuries amongst these kids.


Monday 13th of November 2023

@Randy, From the name/type of the school all students below 17, so not having a valid drivers license for motorbike = underage. No parents to see anywhere. I did not see any guns though.


Sunday 12th of November 2023

@Exp, How old is underage to you? There are parents waiting for their kids to be picked up after school. You are once again generalizing!! Typical Bule?? There are parents in the West who raised their children wrong. Teenagers using drugs, owning guns and show disrespect to their teachers in schools. Anything else. So if you say this is how local parents raise their children, you are biased but still would live in Bali. You can’t have your cake and eat it too.


Thursday 9th of November 2023

@Thommo, Yep. I was visiting a shop opposite a Denpasar school yesterday. Queue of underage youngsters on motorbikes leaving the school for the day. No helmets, speeding, rowdy driving. No local adults to be seen. This is how the local parents raise their children.