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Bali’s World-Class Fitness Scene Makes Travel And Training A Breeze

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Bali has long been a tourist destination synonymous with sun, sea, and relaxation.

While some travelers head to Bali to discover the cultural wonders and spiritual side of the Island of the Gods, others arrive in Denpasar with the sole intention of partying from dusk til dawn.

But what about those who want something different? What can the Gym Bros, CrossFit girlies, and fitness fanatics do to get their exercise fix?

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As Bali becomes increasingly popular with digital nomads and international business developers, as well as travelers on sabbatical or early retirement, there are more and more health, wellness, and fitness opportunities cropping up in the island’s leading tourism destinations.

Bali is shifting from a destination for a two-week vacation to a home away from home for thousands of people.

Not so long ago, if you wanted to use a fancy up-market gym, you’d have to check into an equally fancy and up-market hotel. Now, gyms, training facilities, and studios suit every taste.

Whether you want to learn to surf and skate in Canggu, get your HIIT workout in before heading to Kuta Beach, or opt for CrossFit over yoga in Ubud, everything is possible. 

Fitness centers and gyms across Bali understand the needs of their target audiences.

You’ll seldom find a membership contract as legally binding as a mortgage like you would in other parts of the world. Bali’s gyms offer single-day passes, weekly memberships, and monthly unlimited packages, as well as class cards and pay-as-you-go options. 

So whether you’re a digital nomad setting down roots for the foreseeable future or are heading to Bali on vacation and want to keep your fitness routine in place, the Island of the God’s fitness scene is waiting to be explored.

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Canggu is, without a doubt, Bali’s hottest destination right now. The once chilled-out surfing retreat is now a bustling tourism hub that grows by the day. Canggu is famous for its surfing community, beach clubs, and now the major fitness scene.

Bali MMA is one of the most well-known gyms in Bali. Not your typical treadmill and dumbbells kind of gym but a mixed martial arts center that attracts athletes from around the world. Offering classes ranging from Muay Thai fundamentals to MMA sparring and more, the gym is a must-visit for all those looking for an intensive workout.

Soma Fight Club and Gym is another of Canggu’s leading fitness facilities, offering Muay classes, boxing, MMA, and strength and conditioning training. Last year the manager of Soma Fight Club and Gym Walianto Teo, told reporters how he wants to see Bali become South East Asia’s leading sports tourism destination. 

S2S CrossFit is one of Bali’s most popular gyms and was the first official CrossFit gym on the Island. No need to book. Check out the schedule on their social media and turn up. Their membership is pretty impressive, entitling regulars to 10-25% discounts at some of Canggu’s best eateries. 

F45, Body Factory, Wanderlust Fitness Village, and Odyssey MVMT all deserve an honorable mention. All incredible facilities with friendly, welcoming communities offering drop-in classes and membership packages. 

Uluwatu is becoming evermore popular with travelers of all kinds, and as such as some incredibly trendy facilities; from hostels to cafes, from boutiques to gyms, Uluwatu has it all. 360 Move offers a combination of fitness and wellness movement sessions. Their packed schedule features everything from HIIT to calisthenics, mobility, hot pilates, and surf yoga. 

The super cool Uluwatu Collective is not only a gym but a cafe and co-working hub. Open seven days a week, the Uluwatu Collective offers HIIT classes, CrossFit training, sculpt classes, and more. 

Up in Ubud, the fitness facilities keep on coming. Of course, Ubud is better known for yoga and meditation than an intensive HIIT class, but there are plenty of opportunities to get your sweat on without rolling out the yoga mat. Titi Batu Sports and Wellness Centre is one of the town’s leading facilities and the first of its kind in Ubud. Memberships are available to use the gym, swimming pool, and skatepark, and drop-in rates are super affordable.

Ubud Crossfit opened in 2022 and is fast becoming the place to work out in Ubud. As an official CrossFit Box, the gym offers both classes and open scheduled training slots. 


There are almost too many gyms in Bali to mention. Kuta Beach recently welcomed a new outdoor beachside gym and skatepark that are open and available for all. In Seminyak, Soham Wellness Centre, Daily Gym is a good starting point, and in Kuta, Rai Fitness Sunset Ball is the first mega gym in Bali, open seven days a week.

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Tuesday 4th of April 2023

More unreliable nonsense from Bali Sun biased advertising department. Complete rubbish. Where are the fitness facilities in Ubud, Candidasa, Padang Bai, Gilí Islands, Permuteran, Lovina, Kintamani....????? If you want to see real fitness suites then go to Bangkok and visit any of the hundreds of apartment blocks. No Balinese people have any idea of how other countries do things, always in a far better way. Because nobody on Bali has been to other parts of Indonesia let alone Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, Vietnam, England, Germany, USA, France, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland etc etc. Currently, the best example of how behind everywhere Bali is, would be the new sewage treatment plant finally in Denpasar. With a capacity of 36,000 people's waste, on an island of 4.36 million people. Paid for byJapan, which begs the question "What actually happens to tourist money on Bali?".


Monday 10th of April 2023

@Wayan Bo, Spreading out newspapers is one of my main yoga fitness programs. It takes great concentration and willingness to acccpet that I am not a Nazi.


Sunday 9th of April 2023

@Raymond, Nice to see you specifically mention people at "government levels". I know many Balinese, and they all agree on one thing - that every official on this island is corrupt. And that everyone in a government position bought it. Tourists on Bali most definitely aren't "in touch with nature" - unless you mean walking along terribly polluted streams, or laying amongst 300,000 plastic bottles on Kuta and Jerman beaches. Go and see if you can name the totally protected, rare birds on sale in Pasar Burung in Denpasar. Of course you can't, neither do you know anything at all about the almost extinct rare butterflies on this island of total profit - Irrespective of environmental damage. You sound like one of the fake, yoga masters from the USA. You can dream on if you wish Raymond.


Friday 7th of April 2023

@Wayan Bo, I love to heighten Spoons. Amazing workout.


Thursday 6th of April 2023

@Alex, you are so wrong on so many levels. Are you talking about Indonesians in general?? Because local Balinese folks happen to be also citizens of the Republic of Indonesia.

I have known some Balinese folks who have worked abroad as Indonesian diplomats, at UN agencies or in Jakarta at higher government level positions. So please do NOT generalize all Balinese are ignorant. And please do NOT compare with any other cities or countries for that matter.

There are fitness clubs in Bali that are equally as good as in Bangkok or in Jakarta. Have you visited one in Bali or you are just another negative minded and ignorant person without even trying to lift some weights at a gym in Bali to make any comparison.

Bali is an island and not a wide city blocks with all the required living lifestyle. This is why tourists are in Bali to be in touch with nature and a laid back environment.


Wednesday 5th of April 2023

@Alex, wow, if you knew how right you are, not only about the government mouthpiece Bali Sun. Rarely read such a pointed analysis

Wayan Bo

Tuesday 4th of April 2023

Yeah, Tarzan calling 🦍

Neil gill

Tuesday 4th of April 2023

I surfed for 30 years on this island and you would not get me to Canggu area in a fit, I go to a gym daily in Temakus North Bali in Lovina For Rp70000 per month just try to compare this. and really think where you are, I do not pay for trendy, I pay for fitness


Tuesday 4th of April 2023

Just so good to see Bali go ahead in leaps & bounds after being so badly affected by covid. There is so much on offer . I love the people, the country, the activities available, the food & the superb hospitality. Great to see this country finally back .