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Bali’s Ubud Is Set To Become World Leading Food Tourism Destination 

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Ubud is known as the arts and culture capital of Bali. A hustling, bustling creative hub in the heart of the island, Ubud is easily one of the most famous travel destinations in the world.

Known for its thriving, healthy food scene, Ubud is about to take its culinary prowess to the next level. 


The Head of the Gianyar Regency Tourism Office, Wayan Gede Sedana Putra, has revealed plans to promote Ubud as a World Gastronomic Center.

The move comes as part of the upcoming United National World Tourism Organization program in September. Putra told reporters that Ubud will become a prototype of a world gastronomic destination

Gianyar Regency has been working to promote Ubud as a destination for foodies since 2018. But the new directive from the United Nations World Tourism Organization takes things to the next level. According to the UNWTO, gastronomy is about more than simply food.

Gastronomic experiences “reflect the culture, heritage, traditions, and sense of community of different peoples.” 

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So what is gastronomy tourism, and is it something that Bali lovers are interested in? Well, it looks like most tourists to Bali are already engaging in gastronomy tourism in one way or another, probably without realizing it. 

The UNWTO defines gastronomy tourism as ‘a type of tourism activity which is characterized by the visitor’s experience linked with food and related products and activities while traveling.”

They add that in addition to direct food and culinary experiences that gastronomy tourism “may also involve other related activities such as visiting the local producers, participating in food festivals and attending cooking classes.”

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Visiting local food producers and agriculture sites is already one of the most popular tourism experiences in Bali.

A visit to the rice fields, for example, is a form of gastronomy tourism. Hundreds of thousands of tourists from all around the world visit Bali’s iconic rice terraces every single year.

This truly unique agroecological food system is even protected under the United Nations World Heritage status.

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There is a concerted effort underway in Bali to preserve and promote local culture. Local leaders want to see the tourism industry actively encouraging visitors to experience the wonders of Bali, whether this be through exploring the vibrant culinary scene, purchasing produce to take home with them like herbs, spices, and even traditional arak, or seeking the health benefits of traditional Balinese herbal medicine.

The move to promote Ubud as a world-class food destination will surely bring a heap of benefits for tourists. 

Ubud is home to some of the most highly regarded restaurants in Bali.

The innovative and exciting culinary scene in the town is going from strength to strength, and the healthy amount of competition between restaurants and cafes ensures that menus are ever-evolving and give tourists memorable dining experiences every day of the week. 

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There is yet to be a Michelin-star restaurant in Bali, but that doesn’t mean tourists can’t get the Michelin-star experience. Mozaic in Ubud is a world-class fine dining experience that brings together a fashion of French and Indonesian flavors. 

Room4Desert is a truly unique gastronomic experience that is not to be missed in Ubud.

Situated just a 5-minute drive from the heart of Ubud, Room 4Desert serves up mesmerizing and expectingly innovative culinary delights. The restaurant hit International fame when it was featured on the Netflix hit show Chef’s Table. 

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Ubud is perhaps best known for being a heaven on earth for vegan and plant-based cuisine.

Restaurants like Zest, Moksa, Sayuri’s Healing Food, and The Seeds of Life have together changed the perception of exciting and nourishing vegan food can be. 

@alina__yoga The restaurants in Ubud are amazing, you can find tons of vegan options or fully vegan restaurants. 1. Zest This restaurant is a bit more fancy and has a variety of vegan food for breakfast, lunch and dinner. 2. Moksa This was one of our favorite restaurants, the dishes there are really exceptional, the vegan cheese platter and the black pepper squid were super super good. 3. F.R.E.A.K coffee Next to coffee with plant milk you can also get vegan cookies. 4. Sawobali Super cheap and yummy buffet, that is fully vegan! Just for 3€ per person you can have unlimited food for one hour. 5. Pizza cult Fully vegan restaurant with a lot of different pizzas to choose from. 6. Bun Bali cafe Every dessert can be made vegan, the Crêpe with vanilla ice cream was a dream. 7. Sayuri healing food This place has such a wonderful ambience with live music every night, it is also fully vegan. The Burger there is phenomenal and the desserts are also very good. They use ethically and organic-grown resources wherever possible. . . . #food #bali #balifood ##indonesia #foodtips #vegan #veganfood #veganfoodbali #foodinspo #travelbali #travel #healthy #foodtiktok #foodlover #ubud #ubudbali #ubudrestaurant #ubud #travelindonesia #veganrestaurant ♬ i walk this earth all by myself – Ekkstacy

One of the most popular restaurants in Ubud right now is Merlin’s. This magical dining experience has been heavily featured on social media, and it is not hard to see why.

The enchanting restaurant calls on the magic of otherly realms and describes the menu as a meeting point of past and future gastronomy inspired by Buenos Aires and the island of Bali. 

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