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Bali’s Nusa Dua Is Spoiling Tourists With Low Season Deals 

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For tourists who want to avoid the crowds and get great value for money (who doesn’t?!), this month is a great time to visit Bali.

The low season will run now until early May, and the island’s most iconic destinations are eager to welcome as many tourists as possible.

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Bali’s Nusa Dua is spoiling tourists right now. The resort area, managed as The Nusa Dua, is packaging up new attractions and deals for tourists this low season.

The General Manager of The Nusa Dua, I Made Agus Dwiatmika, told reporters’ with these additional activities, we hope to be able to attract tourists to stay overnight and more visitors to travel here.”

The Nusa Dua is heavily investing in promoting the resort as a health and wellness destination. Most tourists seeking a health reset or a full wellness retreat tend to head northwards to Ubud. However, The Nusa Dua has plenty to offer tourists in need of a recharge. 

On the 25th of February, The Nusa Dua will be hosting their Semarak Cinta Festival on Peninsula Island and Nusa Dharma Island. This festival is a celebration of health and fitness and local small businesses in the wellness space. 

Guests staying in The Nusa Dua area will be welcome to attend. Sessions include yoga, meditation, and talks on sustainability, wellness, and self-care.

A few local celebrities may also stop by during the festival. There will be an eco-market where tourists can come to sample (and buy!) a whole host of sustainable and ethically made health and wellness products.

It is not only the Semarak Cinta Festival that lures tourists to Nusa Dua. There are plenty of natural and cultural attractions for tourists to explore. The Water Blow is perhaps the most famous landmark in Nusa Dua and is well worth the visit. 

The Water Blow can be accessed by a dedicated walkway, and visitors can be treated to waves that splash upwards of 8 meters in the air. Be sure to keep your distance if you don’t want to get wet, though for many tourists, getting splashed is all part of the fun. Plus, it’s Bali – it’s so hot everything dries quickly!

@harareitravel Kalau la boleh terjun, mesti dah lepak underground. 📍Water Blow, Nusa Dua #bali #nusadua #nusaduabali #pandawabeach #nature #rawvideo #pakejbali #pakejbalimurah #berbaloi ♬ original sound – Nama saya Panjang

When the waves aren’t crashing in, tourists can enjoy spectacular views of the peninsula.

The 360° View Deck offers panoramic views of the Nusa Dua coastline and is perfect for an impromptu photoshoot. It’s also a really underrated spot to watch the sunset. 


Perhaps one of the biggest benefits of traveling in the low season is the deals on hotels. With hotels and resorts eager to fill rooms, there are hundreds of fantastic deals there.

What’s even better is that travelers planning their trips to Bali don’t even have to search that hard for epic savings. 

Nusa Dua is best known for being home to some of the most luxurious and extravagant 5-star hotels in Bali. During low season, even these world-class establishments offer discounted rates on rooms.

Top hotels like Bali Nusa Dua Hotel are offering guests the chance to stay in 5-star luxury for less than USD 100 per night during this low season.

The Bali Nusa Dua Hotel is a chic and refined resort offering guests in-house dining, an expansive outdoor pool complex, and free shuttle service around the Nusa Dua area; ideal for exploring and incredible value for money!


For something even more refined, be sure to check out The Royal Santrain; this 5-star hotel has low-season rooms starting from USD 300, while high-season rooms go for upwards of USD 500 per night.

Guests are treated to dining on the terrace overlooking the ocean, yoga classes, a full-service spa, and beautiful pools with panoramic views.

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Neil gill

Tuesday 20th of February 2024

Not spoiling tourist being realistic to attract more at family prices.


Tuesday 20th of February 2024

And don't forget the smell of burning plastic on Pantai Geger and Nusa Dua.

Better get used to low season. Already multiple agencies in Europe don't consider Bali a top-destination anymore, due to all the events last two years.


Tuesday 20th of February 2024

We will not forget the Suwung landfill fire last year. Although wind direction saved our place most of the time, we had few days with the horrid smell arriving in south Sanur. What a nightmare.

Wayan Bo

Tuesday 20th of February 2024

Twelve days hotel in high season cost US $ 6k, same as a ton of cocoa beans yesterday, because on Ivory Coast and in Ghana was a bad cocoa season. 🍫 Higher price than those on the peak in 1977 when it was $ 5,4k


Tuesday 20th of February 2024

@Wayan Bo, Okay.