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Bali Welcomes First Beachside Skatepark Hailed As New Attraction For Locals And Tourists

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Local leaders in Bali are excited that Kuta’s new skatepark will create new opportunities in the community. The new beachside skatepark is the first of its kind in Bali and comes as part of a redevelopment of Samigita Beach, the stretch of coastline that runs from Kuta through Legian down to Seminyak Beach.

Skateboard Next To Beachside Skatepark

The Chairman of LPM Kuta, Putu Adnyana, spoke to reporters now that construction on the skatepark is finished. He said that he is excited at the prospect of Kuta becoming a destination known for skateboarding, as well as surfing and sunbathing. He shared that an existing skating community in Kuta has been looking for a place to call its own. He shared that young cadet groups in Kuta had created a skating group and are committed to their practice.


Skatepark di area Pantai Kuta-Bali sudah selesai dikerjakan tapi masih belum dibuka untuk umum.

♬ original sound – .n

Adnyana said, “there are quite a lot of skateboarding fans and communities in Kuta, we embrace it, and we will make it [into] a unit in Pesanku in 2022.” He shared that he was happy to see the new skatepark opening as his youth groups have struggled to find places to skate now that tourism had returned to the area, noting that during the pandemic, youngsters in the community had easier access to urban areas to skate.

The local leader is thinking big and feels the opening of the skatepark is only the start of the sport’s presence in Kuta. Adyana said, “this location can give birth to skateboarders, as well as a new attraction that can be a potential additional income for the village. Because, of course, the facility will be maintained, arranged in the future, and competitions will be held.”

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@punapibali Begini penampakan skate park di kawasan Pantai Kuta yang baru saja rampung. Namun saat ini masih belum dibuka untuk umum. Video Credit @steven_balix #punapibali #fypbali #fyp ♬ original sound – Punapibali

Adyana’s feelings were echoed by the Secretary of the Kuta Taruna Forces Association, Ida Bagus Gede Arie Meghantara, who had also dreamed of a skatepark facility in Kuta since his youth. He said that he wants the new skatepark to be a new icon for Kuta. He confirmed that the Kuta Traditional Village has appointed a facility manager so that the area will be well-maintained and organized. Meghantara said, “The existence of this skatepark has been my dream since childhood. Of course, this is a new icon for Kuta, which has been synonymous with surfing.”


♬ The Countdown – DJ Keblinger$

Meghantara continued, “With this skatepark, in the future, we will routinely schedule competitions and create event calendars to advance skateboarding in Bali, especially in Kuta. The place has been conceptualized at an international level, which means that the skatepark meets the character standards or international competition criteria”. He announced that events would be regularly held at the Kuta Skatepark to bring new people into the area.

Person standing on a skateboard at a skate park

The new skatepark is 885msq, complete with bowls, ramps, halfpipes, quarter pipes, stairs, rails, and more. All finished in polished concrete and sitting right on the world-famous Kuta Beach. Meghantara revealed that Kuta Taruna Forces Association would host coaching clinics up to twice a week to help community members learn to skate so that the park will be utilized to its fullest potential.

The coaching clinics will form part of an annual program that will host events three times a year, featuring competitions, intensive training sessions, and the provision of sponsored skateboarding equipment for community members who are unable to buy kits themselves.


Meghantara explained, “The program that we will design, everything is standardized, there is still maintenance [to do]. So the use of the skatepark must have some kind of membership, or you will be charged one time [for] playing. But we haven’t set a price yet. When will we not know? After we have confirmed, we will inform you immediately when Kuta Beach Skatepark [formally] opens.”


Final checks are underway across all the renovations along Samigita Beach, including checks to the new tsunami shelters, outdoor gym at Kuta Beach, and beach wall that has been constructed in strategic locations from Kuta through to Seminyak Beach.

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Friday 17th of February 2023

But why the toilet still not open? That’s the most important thing! Hygiene is not important ? The manager of this project is not able to set priorities!


Wednesday 15th of February 2023

As a retired man staying in Ubud this is amazing news. When I came to Bali 20 years ago it was a grwat place but lacking one thing , a proper skateboard Park. Now we have it, and I can stop taking my anti depressants. Let's get some sleazy crime stuff eh?


Tuesday 14th of February 2023

"So the use of the skatepark must have some kind of membership, or you will be charged one time [for] playing."

Pay for play. A very familiar concept for Bali tourists. Is the skateboard park fee on top of parking and the planned beach entrance fees?


Tuesday 14th of February 2023

At Seminyak now. Nice new walkway, but they will need to hire someone to shovel the windblown sand off if it!

Wayan Bo

Tuesday 14th of February 2023

Like in western slum city’s about three decades ago. - Beach execution’s of criminals would be bigger attraction.