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Bali Tourists Warned About Fake Blue Taxis Operating In Top Resorts

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Bali is a safe and welcoming tourist destination. With millions of tourists visiting the island every year, the crime rate is surprisingly low.

Police are always keeping travelers up to date with their latest operations to keep everyone safe and comfortable. 

Bluebird taxi in Bali close up of side door.jpg

As an island, Bali has very limited public transport facilities. Tourists who are moving around the island mostly travel by taxi.

There are several taxi options available to tourists; private driver-come-tour guide, hailing a local taxi driver at the nearest taxi rank, a Bluebird taxi or using online ride-hailing apps. 

Many tourists choose to use ride-hailing apps or known taxi service providers, especially for their safety record and standardized fares.

Bluebird Taxis are perhaps the most easily recognizable taxi company on the island.

The taxis have been in operation long before any online taxi service providers were even created and have been the taxi company of choice for Bali lovers for decades.

However, the company has issued a warning to tourists as there have been several reports of fake Bluebirds taxis in operation at the island’s top resorts.

As the company works with the authorities to eliminate these scam taxi providers, tourists are reminded of a few simple checks they can make to ensure they are booking with confidence. 

The Vice President of Marketing for PT Bluebird Tbk, Panca Wiadnyana, revealed to reporters what tourists and travelers should look for when booking an official Bluebird taxi and spotting a fake.

Wiadnyana said that a fake Bluebird taxi has many of the same characteristics as a real Bluebird vehicle, namely that the taxi imitates the colors and logo of the iconic taxi brand.

However, the biggest red flag to keep an eye out for is if the driver does not wear an official uniform, does not have clear meters and fares, and drivers are aggressive in offering their services to prospective passengers.

Wiadnyana told reporters, “As a mobility company that has entered 52 years of age, passenger comfort and safety has always been Bluebird’s priority.”

“This is the basis of our commitment to provide Indonesian Comfort Standard (SNI) services with three main pillars, namely a standardized fleet, professional drivers, and easy accessibility.” 

He added that the Bluebird fleet of vehicles is all frost blue in color, and has a sign with the Bluebird bird logo on the top of the car and the words “TAXI”.

He noted that there is always the Bluebird writing and a logo on the front windshield of the car. There are Bluebird and PT Praja Bali Transportation logos on the side door of every official vehicle. 


Smaller but equally significant details to note are that official vehicles will have fleet codes on the back, side, and inside of the taxi, a code that includes both letters and numbers.

There should always be a driver data ID card on the front dashboard. Tourists should be able to see a working meter and IoT screens located in the car should a fare rate.

A Bluebird taxi driver will always follow route directions from guests. All Bluebird taxis are a standardized fleet with cold A/C and clean, valeted interiors. 


All drivers are required to behave in a professional and respectful manner, as well as wear recognizable blue batik uniforms with the Bluebird logo.

Passengers can always pay using cash or the cashless system, and drivers should not give a preference.

Wiadnyana is encouraging tourists to book Bluebird taxis via the MyBluebird application, through official bases at I Gusti Ngurah Rai International Airports, or the Bluebird taxi ranks at hotels and other top destinations. 

Blue Bird Bali Taxi Close Up

Bluebird Taxis has a customer response center available 24/7. The center can be contacted at (0361) 849-8008 or on WhatsApp for chat-only support on 081-944-999-123.

Official Bluebird taxi drivers will always put the meter on without protest. Tourists are encouraged to report any incidents of drivers behaving badly to the company and, in the event of criminal activity, to the police. 

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Sunday 21st of January 2024

So are you allowed to go up to the departure drop off area and catch a bluebird taxi?


Wednesday 17th of January 2024

Top resorts make sure all identity, security and accountability measures are in place and transparent - often using corporate vouchers after tourists have paid at the hotel reception. How can fake blue taxis possibly get through? Who are the tourists being warned? Come on - seriously - at least word the title properly!!


Wednesday 17th of January 2024

@wp To the editors of “the Bali Sun”

I finally thought there was a good story about the “Blue Bird” taxis, but advertising is good, but it should be complete with information about where I can get into a “Blue Bird” at the airport, otherwise I think it's a bad story, as we in the Netherlands say “”Make happy with a dead bird””


Friday 19th of January 2024

@Wim, Bluebird is having a stand in the arrival area after customs. However, their normal petrol cars are not available, only more expensive EV (vans) that can drive by meter or (high) fixed price

J West

Tuesday 16th of January 2024

The safe option for tourists is to arm themselves. If the drivers have big knives, you should have a bigger one, Crocodile Dundee style.


Wednesday 17th of January 2024

@J West, Knife crimes are already a problem in Bali. Yesterday a local was killed by a gang of 12 north of Denpasar. Seems like many local gangsters carry knifes despite this is a crime. So what is the police doing again?

Wayan Bo

Tuesday 16th of January 2024

Like 🐦 airport taxi and billing like air trip.