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Bali Security Teams Level Up Efforts To Keep Tourists Safe

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As a world-leading tourism destination, keeping tourists safe in Bali is a top priority for security officers and the local government.

From reducing crime to having more officers out on patrol just in case support is needed, Bali is committed to keeping visitors safe and comfortable.

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In order to level up security operations across Bali’s most popular resorts, leaders have run a series of training workshops for local Pecalang, Jagabaya and other security teams.

Pecalang, or local village security officers, are in charge of security operations at a hyper-local level.

They are tasked with managing things like road closures during ceremonies and parades. 

Pecalang are not to be confused with Jagabaya officers who fulfil a similar role but have more of a focus on community wide security, outside of ceremonies and festivals. Although in modern times the roles and responsibilities are often interchangeable.

They both also work in partnership with the government authorities, the police and other security forces on the island to ensure that everything runs smoothly.

Pecalang are always married men from the community who have been chosen for their calm and even-headed nature, and ability to manage a crisis. 

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In an effort to increase security and strengthen cooperation among traditional village security officers, Kuta Traditional Village held a training workshop for the Regional Security Agency (Bankamda) late last week.

The training was attended by over 150 people and consisted of four important elements in the Kuta resort area: the Pecalang, Kuta Beach Task Force, Civil Protection Brigade (Linmas), and Jagabaya. 

The Head of the Kuta Traditional Village, Komang Alit Ardana, told reporters that the main aim of the training was to ensure that all security units in the Kuta resort area understood their duties.

The workshop also aimed to integrate all security units into one unit known as Bankamda.

With many tourists not returning to Kuta on their annual vacation, citing safety as a reason for booking resorts in other parts of the island, security teams want to change the area’s image. 

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Ardana said, “We want them all to unite under one Bankamda outfit, carry out their main duties, as well as provide additional strength or personnel in Bankamda,”

Ardana confirmed that the workshop had covered training on how to handle situations with tourists as they escalate in real time.

This comes as a response to concerns that security teams may have been quick to use force in situations in the past where all those involved could have been talked down.

Ardana said, “There are concerns and even inappropriate aggressive actions. We want all our security units to know what limits they can do and what they can’t do.”


The workshops also served as an opportunity to formally register all security staff in the Kuta resort area.

This will help leaders to best coordinate patrols and ensure tourists that everyone who is serving on the beat is a registered security officer.

Representative of the new Bankamda security team, Made Wena, told reporters, “Our main goal is to collect data on security guards in traditional villages and give them certificates indicating that they are registered as members of Bankamda Bali, with a Bankamda registration number.”


He added, “We want to ensure that this reputation is accompanied by knowledge and responsibility in carrying out their duties. With the police logo on Bankamda’s uniform, at least Bankamda is part of the police because we collaborate. That’s added value so that outsiders or tourists can be safer and more comfortable.”

The workshop came in the days that followed a shocking robbery of tourists in the Uluwatu area. Two Spanish tourists were attacked by a man driving a motorcycle along Jalan Raya Uluwatu.

The thief managed to rip the women’s necklaces from around their necks before fleeing the scene. 


Security officials and tourism leaders in Uluwatu have assured tourists that the area will remain safe.

The Head of Pecatu Traditional Village, Made Sumerta confirmed that increased patrols will be conducted in the area in light of the incident. 

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Wednesday 3rd of April 2024

Something needs to be done about scammers too. I was scammed a couple of days ago and had £400 stolen. I’ve heard of this happening to lots of other people too hear in Bali :(


Thursday 4th of April 2024

@Geri, Details? Modus operandi?


Tuesday 2nd of April 2024

I doubt Pecalang are getting involved in "protection" of tourists.

In my area Pecalang is more interested in protecting local law breakers instead of ensuring peace and harmony. I have first hand experience.

Not far away near Mertasari Sanur, the pecalang boss was arrested a few months back after he and some buddies attacked Satpol officers that detained 30 prostitutes in their area.

That is Bali. Plenty of gangsters around if you know what to look for.