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Bali Police Officers Punished With Push Ups For Not Wearing Masks

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Karangasem, Bali Police Chief is ensuring his officers are following protocols by dishing out push-ups for those who are not wearing a mask.

The Chief believes his officers need to set an example for the public before they start enforcing the rules to citizens. 

officer push-ups

“I always inspect all of my officers are disciplined enough to bring hand sanitizer and face masks every morning”, Karangasem’s Police Chief, Nyoman Suartini said.

Chief, Nyoman Suartini
Karangasem Chief, Nyoman Suartini

When an officer is found not following protocols Suartini will punish them with push-ups in front of their office for the public to watch. “Discipline starts from ourselves, before we discipline others”, Suartini continued.

When The Bali Sun asked Suartini about the punishment, she explained she had a very good reason it

“We must give a good example for the people, police officers are also the front line in handling the spread of Covid-19. The chance of getting infected is high and we must protect our front line officers too.”

police take temperatures in bali

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