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Bali Police Officer Allegedly Scams Local Woman For Over $1100 USD

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A police officer in Bali has allegedly scammed a local woman for over $1100 USD (IDR 17 million) for a motorbike that was never received.

The officer with initials (GYK) has been sued on Thursday Oct 1st 2020 by a woman named Yulia Angreni after he allegedly scammed her on a motorbike purchase.

Woman sues police officer

The incident happened when GYK offered Yulia his Yamaha N-Max on July 20th 2020.

GYK offered his motorbike for IDR 19 million on a phone call  and Yulia agreed to purchase the motorbike for IDR 17 million.

Yulia and the officer agreed the bike could be purchased in instalments. On July 18th 2020, Yulia paid IDR 5 million as a down payment.

When Yulia wanted to pick it up, it turned out that the motorbike had been pawned.

Yulia paid an additional IDR 10 million to pay off the motorbike at the pawnshop.

Scooter in bali

On the day when Yulia has completed the last payment for IDR 2 million, GYK delivered the motorbike without including the vehicle’s legal papers.

GYK asked Yulia to borrow the motorbike so he could go back to register the motorbike’s legal papers. He never returned. 

After 2 weeks, the officer still hasn’t given the motorbike back to Yulia.

“I asked my friend to join me to look for the motorbike at GYK’s house on Jalan Patimura, Denpasar on August 13th 2020 but he wasn’t there,” Yulia said.

GYK stated that he was undergoing quarantine because he was infected with Covid-19 on August 14th.

Finally GYK admitted that he once again pawned the motorbike.

bali motorbike

I’ve lost my patience, I have to report this man to the Head of Denpasar Police Department and seek justice,” Yulia added.

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