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Bali Police Investigate Four Tourists Based On Worrying Behavior

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Bali has already welcomed hundreds of thousands of tourists on their vacations so far this year. While the vast majority of international arrivals on the island are well-behaved and respectful of the law and local customs, Bali has seen a shocking rise in the number of people behaving in seriously worrying ways over the last 8-months. 

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Police in Bali are investigating four foreigners this week, all of whom have come to the attention of the authorities through separate incidences.

Each foreigner has behaved in a way that has either appeared to have broken the law, disrespected local customs or potentially posed harm to public peace. 

On the evening of Monday 28th August a Russian woman, known by her initials AR was arrested by the South Kuta Police Unit.

The 27-year-old woman was arrested after going on a ‘rampage’ in a local shop. She is reported to have behaved in an aggressive and volatile manner and is suspected of experiencing a mental health crisis.

Reports also suggest that she was not wearing clothes when she entered the store in Ungasan. Local security officers managed to persuade her to leave the store, and subsequently dressed her in a robe and arrested her for causing public disorder. 

Speaking to reporters, I Gusti Agung Ketut Suryanegara from Badung Police shared his team responded to a call at around 5.30pm on Monday.

He said “The situation was still raging at that time, our personnel persuaded her to come out of the shop. This is only so that the woman does not commit acts of vandalism.”

Suryanegara added “She continued to struggle, so our officers in the field immediately handcuffed her…Yes, this is just so that undesirable things don’t happen.” 

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AR was then taken to Prof Ngoerah General Hospital in Denpasar for a psychiatric assessment.

Suryanegara later told the press “From information from a number of residents and shop staff, the woman was throwing a tantrum and dancing for no apparent reason.”

“Visitors who were shopping immediately rushed out. The initial suspicion was that the foreigner was experiencing depression. That’s why we immediately evacuated to the hospital to get treatment.”

While AR receives medical attention, police have handed her case over to officers from the Ngurah Rai Immigration Office who will investigate the next steps. “We have coordinated. After medical treatment, Immigration will follow up.”

Suryanegara also revealed that Bali Civil Service, Saptol PP, has arrested three more foreign nationals on the island in the last two weeks. All three are suspected of experiencing a mental health crisis.

Over in Legian, communities are in uproar after a foreigner was suspected of intentionally causing damage to several cars parked at Double Six Beach.

A viral video of the incident shows a caucasian man carrying a surfboard past a line of parked cars.

When approached by a disgruntled driver, the surfer shies away, hiding his hand that many people feel must have been holding something sharp that scratched the cars. 


The Head of Legian Ni Putu Eka Martini Village told the media, “We have gone down and checked the location of the incident. However, there was no one at the location, including the car owner who was no longer there”

He added, “For the total that is just known there are 3 units. However, this does not rule out the possibility that other cars will become victims. If the reason for the destruction is not yet known, that is still being investigated.” Police are trying to identify the man in the viral video. 


Separately, Ngurah Rai Immigration successfully deported a Croatian national from Bali on Monday evening.

The 47-year-old man known by his initials PB was inveisgated and subsequently deported after being found guilty of misusing his tourist visa on arrival to engage in marketing property investments. 

Finally, in Karangasem Regency police officials detained and are seeking to gain a better understanding of the circumstances befallen a British man found in the waters off Candidasa on Tuesday afternoon.

The man was saved by a local fisherman who brought him back to shore. The man was disorientated and unable to tell officers his name or what had happened to him.


Karangasem Police Chief, AKBP Ricko Tarun, told reporters “We have taken steps by coordinating with the Karangasem Regency Social Services, Karangasem Police, and Immigration for further handling.” 

Authorities in Bali have recently launched a new task force dedicated to conducting 100 immigration control operations a month and responding to calls by concerned residents and tourists regarding foreigners on the island via a dedicated hotline number

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Wayan Bo

Thursday 31st of August 2023

It seems that something with Vodka isn’t OK, Indonesia should import Vodka direct from Russia like Israel do it.


Saturday 2nd of September 2023

@Wayan Bo,

I think it's something a little stronger than vodka Mr. Wayan...

It's funny all these 'mental health and 'depression' stories that are reported here. I don't know if Its Indonesian innocence, or people just don't wanna go there...

But those in the know, know...


Thursday 31st of August 2023

Quote "Bali Police Investigate Four Tourists Based On Worrying Behavior".

OK, that is great. But can police come over to my area in south Denpasar and investigate a local who is test driving his extremely noisy motorbike up and down the road here? Everyday menacing the area with his reckless behavior. Why are these local gangsters getting a free pass?


Saturday 2nd of September 2023



Thursday 31st of August 2023

Deport them immediately. Bali is a nice island with wonderful people. Bali doesn't need these fools


Wednesday 30th of August 2023

More and more trash people in this world.