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Bali Officials To Reduce Entry Fees For Kintamani Visitors By May 1

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The Bangli regional government has decided to reduce entry fees for locals who want to gain access to the Kintamani area.

bangli temple

The Head of the Bangli Tourism and Cultural Office, I Wayan Sugiarta, confirmed that after discussing this issue with the Bangli regional government, everyone has agreed to reduce Kintamani’s entry fees for domestic visitors.

“We’ve agreed to revise Kintamani’s entry policy starting May 1,” Sugiarta said on Saturday (23/4). The meeting on Wednesday (20/4) was attended by the Bangli Regent and several tourism associations. After receiving input from others, the regional government has agreed to reduce the entry fees for Bali residents.

kintamani area

The entry fee for Bali residents went from USD $1.7 (IDR 25,000) to only USD $0.07 (IDR 10,000) per person, while domestic visitors from outside the island are required to pay USD $1.4 (IDR 20,000), from previously USD 1.7 (IDR 25,000).

Sugiarta noted that the revised entry policy is only for Indonesian citizens, and international tourists are still required to pay USD $3.5 (IDR 50,000) to access the area.

woman coconut kintamani

However, Sugiarta admitted that this entry fee policy hasn’t affected the number of visitors to Kintamani, as the area has been receiving over 600 visitors daily.

Meanwhile, Bangli Regent Sedana Arta explained that the implementation of the entry fee policy is important to preserve and develop Kintamani as it has been a central source of water and oxygen for Bali residents through its lake and forest area.

camping night kintamani

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Sunday 31st of July 2022

Most people from europe have to work and save a lot to be able to go on holiday in Bali. It is a bit humiliating to always get this attitude and greetings from locals: 'You are a bule so you can pay' Just because i can afford a ticket to Bali doesent mean im wealthy and willing to pay overprice for everything. I really hope people stop this type of behaviour, its has become more and more all over Bali lately, sometimes they say its because 'covid' hit the balinese hard. Well just so you all know, covid hit every part of the world, probably more than Bali


Friday 29th of April 2022

Article states "...that the revised entry policy is only for Indonesian citizens, and international tourists are still required to pay USD $3.5 (IDR 50,000) to access the area"

What is the fee for foreign nationals that are Bali temporary residents (i.e. not on tourist visa)?

I do not mind paying justified fees if: - Clear defined service or evidence of what the money is spent on - Under official regulation - Fair and non-discriminating price - Threated with respect and addressed in a polite manner


Thursday 28th of April 2022

Why is there an extra entry fee to part of the country? Visa was paid to the immigration for Indonesia. Is Kintamani another country now?

What's next, pay again to enter Legian, then again to Kuta, or pay to enter Gilis or Lombok at the port?


Friday 29th of April 2022


Tony N

Wednesday 27th of April 2022

Kintamani entry fees. What are these and what are they for? I thought VOA allowed entry to all of Bali.

Neil gill

Tuesday 26th of April 2022

You are still trying hard to keep international visitors out with such a higher price for those that pay thousands of dollars to get here and stay. I find it a embarrassing thing that they are so harshly treated.


Wednesday 27th of April 2022

@Neil gill, From June 2022, daytrippers will have to pay up to 10 Euro to enter Venice, the canal city. Just saying...

$3.50 entry in the article for foreigners is not worth discussing in comparison with Venice.