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Bali Officials Prepare Quarantine Facilities For International Visitors

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The Bali Provincial government has started to prepare several hotels that will be used as quarantine facilities for international visitors when the border reopens.

Bali Vice Governor, Tjokorda Oka Artha Ardhana Sukawati (Cok Ace) said that he has been communicating with several institutions such as the Immigration office and the Health Agency to appoint several hotels that will be used to isolate international travelers upon their arrival. “These hotels will accommodate the travelers as a quarantine house while they’re waiting for their swab test results.” Cok Ace said on Thursday (8/4).

He also explained that the Indonesian government won’t provide these facilities for free. “All entry requirements such as the swab test and quarantine house would be on their own expense, so they need to add those costs into their budget.” Cok Ace added. He also said that if the swab test shows a negative result, they will be allowed to continue their vacation on the island, but if it shows a positive result, they’re required to undergo quarantine at the hotel.

This quarantine policy is one of the prevention steps that the government has initiated to avoid a potential surge in Covid cases when the border reopens. Cok Ace also claimed that over 1 million of Bali’s population have received the Covid-19 vaccine. “Even though all visitors are required to be vaccinated prior to their departure, we still need to anticipate possible transmission from them. But I also hope that they don’t test positive with Covid when they land here.” Cok Ace concluded.

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Friday 16th of April 2021

If vaccine isn’t enough I don’t think people will be back to Bali In the UK millions of us have had the vaccine and a lateral flow test when you get to Bali should be enough not quarantine If that’s what the officials want I’m sorry people won’t be back to travel for 20hours then except them to quarantine We have visited Bali for the past 20years from the UK but I’m sorry I won’t be back to quarantine at the start of my holiday


Tuesday 13th of April 2021

When will Bali open as we arrive soon and really don’t want to waste money and time in Jakarta???? Please open soon


Saturday 10th of April 2021

Is Bali following an "ambiguous" plan roll out like Thailand did for the last several months? Actually it was confusing and yet ineffective. Each week or month, a new plan came up and quickly fell through the cracks.

Vaccinated or not with wearing a mask and practice social distancing should still be followed. We are not out of the woods yet.

J West

Saturday 10th of April 2021

The incubation period of the Covid variants are unpredictable. Best science instructs that quarantine must be 11.5 ( as in EU) to 21 day China. The number of days is based on science, not the immediate preference of hotel operators. Unethical travel agents worldwide have been selling false Covid negative docs. Immoral tourists fleeing their own countries failed medical facilities are putting everyone at risk by travelling with fake certificates. Are Bali Hotel and Tourism Operators putting money before life? We'll see. Stay safe.


Wednesday 14th of April 2021

@J West, don’t be so dramatic! I have met and seen and spoken to people with covid from all over the world and they all lived!!!! And some who lived in the same house and even sharing the same bed and the partner didn’t get covid !!!! Stop believing the media and do your own research

Wayan Bo

Saturday 10th of April 2021

BRAVO, this are much better vaccination numbers in Bali than in America and most west European states.