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Bali Officials Buy Left Over Food From Vendors And Distribute To Locals In Need

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Officials from the Denpasar Tourism Agency bought food from local vendors in the Dangin Puri area and distributed food packages to locals in need. The move came after the new curfew forced shops to close early due to the 8:00 pm curfew.

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The Head of Denpasar Tourism and Creative Economy Agency, I Wayan Hendrayana confirmed that he purchased large amounts of rice packages from several local vendors in Dangin Puri Village area on Sunday evening (18/7). “This activity was initiated by the Denpasar Mayor as a form of support to the affected small businesses during the emergency partial lockdown.” Hendrayana said on Monday (19/7).

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After buying the rice pakcages from several vendors, Hendrayana donated the meals to those who are in self-quarantine. He also distributed food aid to local vendors and parking officers in the Denpasar area.

“We really hope that this activity will help our small businesses who have been struggling during the emergency partial lockdown.” Handrayana added.

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Previously, the Denpasar Mayor, IGN Jaya Negara has instructed all Denpasar officials to start contributing and supporting the economic activity in Denpasar by ordering food and snacks from local small vendors across the city. Jaya Negara instructed that local vendors must earn quite a bit of income before having to close their shops by the 8:00pm curfew.

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The Spokesman of Denpasar Covid-19 Handling Task Force, I Dewa Gede Rai invited more government officials to join in the local support activities. They hope to reach more people and help those in Denpasar that have opened small businesses after losing their income from the tourism sector.


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