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Bali Leaders Prioritize Public Access To Adventure Beach During Coastal Conservation Redevelopments

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Tanjung Benoa Beach is best known as Bali’s number-one destination for water sports. From parasailing to banana boats, from snorkeling to kitesurfing, Tanjung Benoa Beach is one of the island’s leading tourist destinations. However, like many of Bali’s southern beaches, the landscape is being eaten away by coastal erosion.

The authorities are already undertaking massive coastal abrasion works. But now, the local community is calling on business owners and the provincial government to support them in building public footpaths. They believe these will help to delineate public and private property, ensure that the conservation efforts are as effective as possible and make access as easy as possible for tourists.

Parasailing Boat In Bali By Tanjung Benoa Beach

Speaking to local reporters, the Head of Tanjung Benoa Customary Village, Made Wijaya, explained that a public-private partnership is a key to resolving the issue of coastal erosion on the busy beach. He explained that his party wants to see a public footpath similar to that which is being built on Kuta Beach to help keep a clear boundary between public and private property.

Tanjung Benoa Beach In Bali.

He said, “If this continues, then slowly, the public area might run out. With the existence of the footpath, then the problem will be finished. This of course, can put the brakes on businessmen’s intention to control public land”. He explained that there is just one 1km stretch of the coastline that could not support a footpath as the anti-abrasion infrastructure would take precedence.

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Tourists Wait To Board Banana Boats At Tanjung Benoa Beach In Bali

A spokesperson for the PPK River and Beach II Implementing BWS Bali Water Resources Network Penida has confirmed that a footpath will be created in the final stages of the project. Gede Lanang Sunu Prabawa, said that beachside footpaths would be built in areas where they are needed. He confirmed that further planning is required, however. “The traditional village still needs time to rearrange the buildings on the beach. They propose that at some point, it will be abolished first. So that will be outside of our activities”.

Tourists Enjoy Tanjung Benoa Beach in Bali.jpg

Regarding the coastal abrasion project, work at Tanjung Benoa Beach is about to begin, following a few delays. After the final meetings, construction teams will have 12 months to complete the job as agreed. This includes filling and removing sand, renovations to public facilities, and the construction of revetments.

The work is part of the Bali-wide coastal projection initiative called the Beach Beach Conservation Project. The project is partially funded by the Indonesian government in partnership with the Japan International Cooperation Agency.


Phase one of the Bali-Japan partnership, titled the Bali Beach Conservation Project was completed earlier this year. Initial works focused efforts on improving conservation strategy and implementation for Sanur Beach, Nusa Dua Beach, Kuta Beach, and Tanah Lot Temple. In phase two, beach conservation efforts will be expanded to include coastal ecosystems at large.

Conservation strategies include sand nourishment, rebuilding of seawalls and structural reinforcements, and increasing the capacity of Bali’s coastal management system. The project has seen Japan loan Bali IDR 1.2 trillion (USD 824 million) for the delivery of the plans.


Prabawa confirmed that the conservation works would not impact public access to the beach. He explained, “So it doesn’t close the beach, we will arrange it according to work in the field. Of course, we do that by paying attention to work safety aspects”.


Tanjung Benoa is an area of Bali undergoing a massive redevelopment. Construction has begun at Benoa Harbour for the development of the Bali Maritime Tourism Hub. The project will create a yacht marina, yacht club, theme park, and water sports facility. Facilities will also be upgraded to allow larger cruise vessels to dock in Bali.

The mega-project is part of Bali’s bigger plan to diversify tourism opportunities on the island. Governor Wayan Koster has been vocal about his intentions to continue investing in massive infrastructural developments to help build. Sustainable future for the province.

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Tuesday 20th of December 2022

PS Exp. The land only has value if it can be held then sold for a profit which inherently means usage. I'm a sought of optimist. Over the last couple of years restrictions have tightened. They will get even more so as we get even more crowded Also the sense, respect and enforcement of Balinese identity has grown immensely. Could you imagine 4 or so years ago Bali telling Trump to get f^#&@?


Tuesday 20th of December 2022

Bull$*&#. As I posted earlier land titles/certificates go to the high water mark. Have a look now v 20+ years ago at this parameter. BMR for example has a pool, restaurant, tourist facilities which were then under water. Look at the seaside developments on Jalan Pratama which were flooded at high tide. For me the best that could happen is do nothing. Market forces will eventually make these greedy arseholes do something to protect their bisinesses.


Monday 12th of December 2022

My understanding is land certificates go to the high water mark. From who and where will the resumption money come from?


Sunday 11th of December 2022

Land prices for the beach zone are sky high, hence there is fight for every square meter land.

Look at Sanur beach encroached upon by buildings or "temporary structures" as described by the locals. Flat out corruption is the main issue with all the money at stake. Zoning regulations, set-backs are ignored when local big wigs want something.

So please "beautify" the beached but do not forget the trash keep coming. Maybe start thinking about how the trash problem shall be solved.

Wayan Bo

Sunday 11th of December 2022

Such water sports activities was already very common during early 1990’s in Pattaya, The Kingdom of Thailand.