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Bali Governor Wants Domestic Liquor ‘Arak’ To Compete With Sake

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The Bali Governor wants to further develop the market for Arak which is a traditional liquor in Bali to compete with the likes of Sake from Japan. 

Koster claimed that Arak has gained in popularity and is currently thriving to scale up the industry.

Earlier this year Governor Koster issued the Bali Governor’s Regulation Number 1 Year 2020 about the management and distribution of local fermented beverages. He is very optimistic that Arak could compete with other brands such as Sake and Soju in the domestic market.

bali arak

“I keep on promoting it in Jakarta, even the tourists in Bali have given a great feedback about this liquor. So I’m quite optimistic that Arak will move forward into industrial scale” Koster said.

To accelerate his vision, he invited college students to get involved and help develop the local business. 

“With the help from college students, we’ll begin the development program for this product, the production process would be using a much more advanced technology and could maximize all the resources that is provided in Bali to generate the local’s micro economy” Koster added.

Bali Arak (2)

Governor Koster forecasts a significant contribution for the Bali economy and people’s health since he legalized Arak’s distribution.

The Director of Bali Polytechnic, I Nyoman Abdi said that he will prepare the distillation equipment for the farmers in the villages that produce Arak. “The new distillation technology will be provided to the farmers to produce a better quality product and to increase their production capacity” Nyoman concluded.

The Governor has made many health claims about Arak that have been criticized in the past. 


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