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Bali Governor To Shut Down Plastic Distributors In 2022

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Bali Governor I Wayan Koster plans to shut down all plastic distributors on the island to solve waste management issues.

As part of the effort to solve the plastic waste management problem on the island, Koster plans to act more decisively by closing down businesses distributing single-use plastic bags in Bali.

“I will find all the plastic distributors on the island and tell them to stop engaging in that business in 2022. I’m authorized to implement such a policy in this island,” Koster said during a virtual group discussion on Thursday (23/12).

Local bali market

Koster admitted that he has been struggling to control the single-use of plastic bags and straws despite implementing restrictions since 2018 when he was elected as the Governor of Bali.

“It’s hard to supervise the implementation of this policy, especially in traditional markets and local communities in village areas. So, I’ll impose a more decisive policy starting 2022 when the pandemic comes to an end,” Koster added. However, Koster stated that he would rather educate the people and businesses than implement hard policies and punishments.

Plastic pellets

Meanwhile, environmental activist IB Mandhara Brasika stated that he would ensure that the governor imposed this policy. He will be held accountable for his promise to keep Bali clean from plastic waste issues in the future.

“We will keep on reminding the governor about his promise to close down plastic distributors in Bali in 2022, as we have given too much tolerance to these people during the Covid-19 pandemic,” Mandhara concluded.

Single use plastic

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Tuesday 11th of January 2022

Children should be taught in schools about how plastic waste is destroying our planet, it starts at a young age , teaching everyone not to throw their rubbish in the streets, drains and waterways. No good blaming others. Of course the government or village elders need to organise appropriate rubbish bins for the people and dispose of the rubbish regularly , to recycle or landfill. Seen this problem in Bali for many years, unfortunately things never improve.

Bali Traveller

Thursday 30th of December 2021

Its a good step, maybe overdue 25 years, but anyway. In some countries in Africa, any plastic bags are banned. No more single-use plastic packings, cups, items. Did the Pelni ships already stop throwing all rubbish in the sea? Proper Wastemanagement in all big cities would help too, as majority of indonesian wastewater enters untreated the sea.

Yes, the west should also du much more. Instead of banning, we use now as much plastic as asia for any packing.

20 years ago in Bali in Rainseason, plastic was already disgusting in the sea, up to 500m Offshore. Now its really terrible.


Wednesday 29th of December 2021

Prohibitions could be completely dispensed with when parents finally begin to raise their children, that is where everything stands and falls.

J West

Wednesday 29th of December 2021

Unless there are efforts to stop upcountry villagers from using outflow streams as seasonal garbage chutes and toilets there will be no improvement in cleanliness.

Pan Demi

Wednesday 29th of December 2021

this is just a mere political movement, for a popularity only, moreover there will be an international event in Bali. After all, all products nowadays use plastic as a container as well as a wrapper