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Bali Governor Implements New Decree To Use Clean Energy

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Bali Governor I Wayan Koster announced a new provincial regulation regarding the use of clean energy (RUED) on the official page of Bali Provincial Government’s account.

There are several points of the new regulation as follows :

  1. Bali will reduce fossil based energy sources and use substitutions such as solar, waterfalls, wind, geothermal, bioenergy and hydrogen. 

Bali environment

2. Bali currently has capacity of 1.261,2 MW from the local energy generator, 921,2 MW from Buleleng, Jembrana, Denpasar and 340 MW from Paiton in Java island. All the energy generators in Bali are using eco friendly materials, but the source from Java is still using coal which is not an eco friendly material.


3. The General Plan of Provincial Energy (RUED) is implemented to manage and distribute a clean source of energy to the whole island that is in line with the vision of Bali to keep the purity and holiness of the Island of Gods.

Bali Waterfall

4. The Renewable Energy (EBT) rate of Bali in 2015 was 0.27%, and will be targeted to increase to 11.15% in 2025. So that the EBT rate could possibly reach 20.10% by 2050.


5. RUED also regulates the energy supply through the priority of clean energy development, diversification of energy, subsidy, infrastructure and access for the people to the energy.

“I hope Bali will be a province with independent and clean energy in order to build a sustainable living for our future generation”, Koster concluded.

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