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Bali Expats Expected To Receive Covid Vaccine Soon

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The Badung regional government has planned to distribute the Covid vaccine to foreign nationals who have been staying in the Badung region during the Covid-19 pandemic.

The Head of the Badung Health Agency, Dr. Nyoman Gunarta said that apart from implementing strict prevention protocols, they will be distributing the Covid vaccine to residents including foreign nationals who’ve stayed in Badung as an effort to achieve herd immunity in this region. “We will record their data manually once they are vaccinated.” Dr. Gunarta said.

He explained that the expats who will receive the vaccine are the Limited Stay Permit Card Holders (KITAS). “This program is also targeted to foreign nationals who work in tourism sectors such as hotels and restaurants that are located in the Nusa Dua area.” Dr. Gunarta added. This program was initiated by the regional government as a support to boost the green zone program in Nusa Dua which is still part of the Badung region.

However, Dr. Gunarta didn’t mention how many expats will receive the Covid vaccine in this region. “We will communicate with the medical facilities who hold the vaccination program to collect the data of the foreign nationals who stay and work in those areas.” Dr. Gunarta concluded. He also said that Badung has 43 Covid-19 vaccine facilities that are spread across several different locations in the region.

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Sunday 28th of March 2021

UK is planing third vaccination against B.1.1.7. it should be a vaccine booster. - Until the end of 2021 they should be about eight different approved vaccines available.