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Bali Cultural Park Will Host Island’s Biggest New Year’s Celebrations

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New Year’s Eve is just around the corner, and there is an overwhelming offering of parties and events to celebrate the turn of the year’s end. Some leading entertainment venues in Bali have already sold out of tickets for their star-studded parties and festivals. Local leaders in Kuta have announced that they will be hosting firework displays on the beach but have given the nod to surprises that will be revealed on the night. 

View Of GWK Statue At Bali Cultural Park

Many venues are claiming to be hosting the biggest and best celebrations on the island. Now Bali Cultural park is throwing its hat into the ring. According to the Director of Operations at GWK Cultural Park, Stefanus Yonathan Astayasa, the fireworks display and live music will be the biggest in Bali. He told reporters, “We are sure that we will be welcomed by residents and tourists after two years of all restrictions”. 

With a beaming smile, he explained how the whole fireworks display will be set to music for a truly extravagant celebration. He said, “The duration and explosion of the fireworks follow the tone of the song that has been arranged…So it’s not just exploding with the DJ playing, [we] mean the explosion follows the song, so it’s rhythmic and synergistic, it’s called a musical firework. For a duration of approximately three to four minutes”.

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Astayasa shared that he and the GWK teams are planning to welcome more people to the New Year’s Eve celebrations than ever before. He explained that GWK events teams are predicting double the numbers from 2019. The New Year’s Celebrations will be held in the new GWK events venue. Spanning beneath the shadow of the 122m tall Garuda Visnu Kencana statue, the new event space can hold 23,000 people across the 1.4-hectare outdoor festival ground. 

Tourists Walk Out GWK Statue At Bali Cultural Park

However, to prioritize safety, the event will run at 70% capacity on New Year’s Eve to ensure that everyone can maintain a safe distance and that crowd control is manageable on what is always a frenetic and high-spirited night. The Project Manager for the GWK’s New Year’s Eve event, Andre Prawiradisastra, release a statement confirming the number of tickets available.

He said, “Safety factors, as well as audience comfort, are first and foremost priority.” In light of the crowd crush at Malang Kanjuruhan Stadium in October that killed 174 people and injured hundreds more, security and event management teams are being extra cautious. 


Headline acts include some of Indonesia’s most loved artists and performers, including, Navicula, Lolot, Jun Bintang, Joni Agung & The Double T, Bagus Wirata, as well as Sheila on 7, Ungu, and Kahitna. The GWK Bali Cultural Park has undergone major renovations over the last few years.

Over the weekend of Saturday, 17th December, a new digital and interactive tourism experience was launched at the GWK Statue. Speaking to the media about the launch of the new program, Astayasa explained how the Part Of The Statue experience works.

GWK Statue Bali cultural park

Tourists gain an interactive digital display of Balinese culture as a part of the modernization of the museum experience. He said, “In the past, they only came in to see the print media, read and take pictures. But now it’s different; visitors enter, then they are interactive first to see a treat, and then they will feel a different digital again, so the total experience that will be felt there is 45 minutes”. Visitors are accompanied by a guide who is on hand to ensure they can make the most out of the visit. 

GWK Statue Bali

At the same event, Andre Prawiradisastra, shared his insights on the ideas behind the new experience. He said, “We want visitors to go deeper. So they know about the legends and stories of GWK, which were originally only in printed form and now can be turned into videos, can be touched, and can be felt and heard too. So all those senses can be brought up at this time. At least they can understand much more, not only coming and seeing the GWK statue but also listening more deeply about the legend.”

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Wayan Bo

Wednesday 21st of December 2022

Fly away.


Wednesday 21st of December 2022

23,000 visitors for NY?

1. They need more than 300 toilets? 2. Transport? 3. Parking?

From google reviews it appears GWK is not getting much return visitors. 'Tourist trap' and 'rip off' is often mentioned.

Rod Wilkinson

Wednesday 21st of December 2022

That will be anything,but nothing to do do with culture.