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Bali Comes Together Using Education Over Discipline To Help Stop Transmission

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The Bali government’s approach to COVID-19 is one of education rather than discipline. So far with only 92 cases and 2 deaths, Bali seems to be doing something right. 

Bali hospitals are not overwhelmed at this point in the pandemic and locals are getting the message. Other than a couple isolated events, the people of Bali are beginning to practice social distancing and staying home. 

social distancing bali

The Governor could have issued strict rules and stay at home orders with military force, jailing those who disobey but instead, used an approach of kindess and education. 

Photos are emerging from around Bali of officers educating locals while handing out face masks. Earlier this month the President issued an order that all Indonesians must wear masks when leaving the home. 

Instead of using intimidation and fear when Bali citizens are caught without them, police have been providing free masks and educating the importance of everyone doing their part. 

The citizens of Bali and local officials are cooperating as a joint force to help stop the spread of the Coronavirus. 

The police haven’t needed to take a heavy hand on those breaking the rules. The constant pressure of being exposed on social media or being shamed in the community is for the most part, keeping people at home. 

Those that have been willing to break the rules have faced harsh critism from peers in the community and keyboard warriors online. 

Not following covid rules

The Bali Governor, Wayan Koster announced yesterday that he had no plans for large-scale social restrictions.

So far, rates of the virus being spread in the community are low. 

Bali police, local officials and the community are working together to help stop the spread of COVID-19. All Bali can do now is wait and hope that a large outbreak does not accour from the few that don’t follow guidelines. 

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