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Annual Weather Bali – What To Expect Every Month and Season

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The weather in Bali is a tropical paradise.

Throughout the entire year Bali is graced with hot temperatures, warm ocean currents, and humidity in the air. The average annual temperature is 27°C

In a nut shell: It’s always HOT and always humid, even at night. 

average bali weather and temperatures

Month to month, the temperatures in Bali don’t really change that much at all. In fact, the daily average temperature doesn’t fluctuate more than 3 or 4 degrees all year long. The coolest daily average temperature is lowest in January (around 25 °C) and highest in May (around 28°C)

However, there is a significant difference in the seasons when it comes to dryness, rainfall and sunshine. The rainy season can easily have 20 days of the month with grey skies and heavy downpours, while the dry season might only bring 3 rainy days in a month.

bali weather by month

Bali Weather Highlights:

Hottest Month: April

Coolest Month: January

Warmest Ocean Temperature: December

Coolest Ocean Temperature: August

Most Humid Month: March

Least Humid Month: August

Sunniest Month:  July

Cloudiest Month: February

Wettest Month: January

Driest Month: July

Windiest Month: August

Bali Weather by Seasons:

Dry Season – June to September

Rainy Season – November to March

Peak/Busy Season – July to August and Xmas/New Years

Low/Slow Season – April to May and September to November

Surfing Season – May to September

Bali Weather Highs and Lows:

Average Daily HIGHS: 26-32°C

Average Daily LOWS: 23-25°C

Maximum Daily HIGH: 32°C

Minimum Daily LOW: 21°C

When is the best time to go to Bali?

The BEST time to go to Bali can vary a lot depending on who you talk to and is quite the topic of debate. Some people are picky about weather, while others don’t want to blow their budget during high season.

Read our guide on when the best time to visit Bali for you might be.

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