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10 Amazing Canggu Restaurants Now RE-OPEN For Dine-In

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Getting cabin fever?
As local restrictions are slowly being lifted in Canggu, some restaurants have re-opened with limited seating and enhanced sanitary protocols to welcome back dine-in customers!

Of course, some residents and visitors to Canggu are still trying to stay home to stop the spread, which is why these restaurants are still offering home delivery as well.

However, your options for dining-in just got a whole lot tastier, as these TOP restaurants in Canggu are now welcoming back customers, with new rules of course. 

They have limited dine-in hours, less seating, more area between tables, and staff taking extra precautions for your safety. 

Here are the TOP 10 Canggu Restaurants that have re-opened for dining in:

10. The Avocado Factory

The Avocado Factory offers: an Avocado Bar and Healthy Fare

All the ingredients on the menu feature avocado at an affordable price. Delectable menu items include breakfast and lunch bowls, salads, toasts and smoothies.

Insta: @theavocadofactory
WhatsApp: +62 813 3738 2521
FB Page
Open for Limited Dine-In and Delivery

9. The Greenhouse

The Greenhouse offers: International and Healthy Food

It’s a great place to chill having tasteful and healthy food, or tasting a fabulous pizza and an amazing breakfast!

Insta: @thegreenhousecafebali
WhatsApp: +62 812-3715-3733
FB Page
Open for Limited Dine-In and Delivery

8. Warung Dandelion 

Warung Dandelion offers: Indonesian Cuisine 

Great place to have your traditional Indonesian favorites with high quality ingredients. 

Insta: @dandelioncanggu
WhatsApp: +62 857-9446-9891
FB Page
Open for Limited Dine-In and Delivery

7. BB52 Burgers

BB52 offers: Burgers and International Comfort Food

BB52 is all about food and drink made using the highest quality ingredients from locally sourced produce, that’s crafted with passion, to satisfy your tastebuds whether you’re meat lovers or vegan. It’s something for everyone!

Insta: @bb52burgers
WhatsApp: +62 821-1466-4296
FB Page
Open for Limited Dine-In and Delivery

6. Taco Casa

Taco Casa offers: Mexican Food

Newly renovated location just re-opened in Canggu with fresh tacos, burritos, nachos, salad, Quesadillas, fajitas and cheesy enchiladas.

Insta: @tacocasabali
WhatsApp: +62 812-2422-2357
FB Page
Open for Limited Dine-In and Delivery

5. Ulekan

Ulekan offers: Indonesian Food

Traditional Indonesian Cuisine Made with Love. Working with local communities and farmers to create the ultimate experience. No MSG. No palm oil. Only authentic flavor and quality ingredients.

Insta: @ulekanbali
WhatsApp: +62 813-3921-1466
FB Page
Open for Limited Dine-In and Delivery

4. Ji

Ji offers: Japanese Food and Sushi

Japanese fusion cooking and sushi inside a 314 year old sacred temple in Canggu. The cuisine at JI is inspired by the centuries old cooking tradition from Japan, with slight influences from other East-Asian cuisines in a delicate fusion of flavours, featuring some of the finest art of sushi in the island.

Insta: @jirestaurantbali
WhatsApp: +62 812-3965-2695
FB Page
Open for Limited Dine-In and Delivery

3. Living Food Lab

Living Food Lab offers: Vegan Food

Living Food Lab is a vegan cafe servings wholesome, delicious, healthy food that is fully vegan and they take your food allergies seriously. Their motto is Whole over Perfect.

Insta: @livingfoodlab
WhatsApp: +62 811-3801-958
FB Page
Open for Limited Dine-In and Delivery

2. Jikaa Coffee x Eatery 

Jikaa offers: Great Coffee and Healthy Food

Good quality coffee and juices with simple good food like pasta, sandwich, burger, omelette and smoothie bowls in a serene environment for you to laid-back and enjoy your time in Canggu.

Insta: @jikaa.bali
WhatsApp: +62 812-1860-0978
FB Page
Open for Limited Dine-In and Delivery

1. Sensorium  

Sensorium offers: Drool worthy brunch

Sensorium is an Elevated and Modern Australian cuisine with Asian twist. Expect big bold flavours and lots of inspiration from childhood memories on the menu.

Insta: @sensorium_bali
WhatsApp: +62 811-388-046
FB Page
Open for Limited Dine-In and Delivery

Enjoy these amazing Canggu restaurants and support local business whenever possible! Stay safe out there and enjoy your delicious food!

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