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Tabanan COVID-19 Task Handling Force shut down a local grocery shop for failing to adhere to health and safety protocols. The shop did not contain a hand wash station, additionally, a dozen locals were in the store without wearing face masks.  The Head of Tabanan Public Civil Service, I Wayan Sarba said the inspection was …

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A local woman named Atik has lost the money in her bank account after strangely being hypnotized by strangers on the street in Tabanan. She doesn’t remember much except a group of people leading her to the atm to drain her account. The woman who lives in Banjar Taman Suradadi, Kediri Tabanan said that the …

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Every day, Tabanan’s Kediri Police trucks patrol the district to enforce safety protocols while blasting reminders through the loudspeaker. The daily task was approached differently on Thursday (4/2), as officers distributed free fresh vegetables to village residents during their patrol.

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