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Two officers have been punished by national police for extorting a Japanese tourist for Rp. 1 Million over an alleged traffic violation.

“The police have taken strict action against the police officers,” National Police spokesman Inspector General, Argo Yuwono said as quoted by on Friday. He did not elaborate what the punishment would be. 

style kenji
(Image: Style Kenji - YouTube)

The Inspector General has offered a public apology and asked that if others face the same extortion to immediately report it.

Police were doing routine traffic stops when they pulled over YouTuber ‘Kenji’. Unaware he was recording, police asked to see the registration papers. 

When papers were produced, police then focused in on lights that were allegedly not working and demanded a Rp. 1 million bribe without issuing a ticket.

(Image: Style Kenji - YouTube)

Kenji paid the officers but eventually ended up posting the alleged extortion to YouTube. 

Jembrana Police Chief, Ketut Gede Adi Wibawa said two of his officers were involved in a case of extortion.

The two officers have admitted to the crime reported the Jakarta Post

“We are still investigating the case. They had confessed to their actions. However, we are still figuring out what they were going to do with the money,” Wibawa said. 

(Image: Style Kenji - YouTube)
(Image: Style Kenji - YouTube)

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