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The military and police may be deployed to Bali Markets to ensure compliance of existing health protocols and help stop local transmission on the island. 

“We need a strong monitoring effort and control around traditional markets involving the military and police, so that [they can] reassert health protocols to those who aren’t complying,” Dewa Made Indra, regional secretary of the Bali administration, said yesterday. 

3 Markets In Bali Identified As Local Transmission Clusters

Locally transmitted Covid-19 cases  now make up nearly 60 percent of the provincial total as Bali has seen seen a surge in confirmed cases over the last two weeks. 

The recent spike has been traced back to traditional markets, in which both vendors and buyers are reportedly still neglecting proper social distancing and mask-wearing requirements. 

traditional bali market

“When we conduct further research, these local transmissions mostly spread in traditional markets and create high-risk new clusters,” Indra continued.

badung market

Bali officials are also planning to increase efforts in raising awareness among the public and will instruct the local task forces to strengthen efforts in minimizing local transmissions in villages across the island. 

Traditional bali market

However, it looks like these are still plans for the time being, with Indra emphasizing on the importance of cooperation among relevant stakeholders and adding that the ideas may be made into an official policy or regulation in the near future.

bali market vendor

On June 9th, 3 markets in Bali were  identified as Covid-19 clusters after multiple market traders tested positive for the virus.

As local transmission soars, Bali officials are asking anyone who has been to the markets and are showing symptoms to come forward for testing. 

market traders wearing masks and shields

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