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Japan Company Plans to Invest in Bali Medical Tourism Project

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As Bali focuses on developing its medical tourism industry, Japan is helping to support a new project on the island. The project is also aimed at Indonesian nationals who have been going abroad for medical treatments.  

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The Indonesian State Owned Enterprises Minister, Erick Tohir said that the Central Government has 49 acres of land in the Sanur area to develop for medical tourism.

The Central Government confirmed that Mitsui Healthcare, a medical service company from Japan is interested in investing in the project.

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“We will upgrade the 49 acres of land in Sanur to international healthcare standards, and the response from Mitsui was great.” said Tohir during the National Coordination Meeting for Accelerating the Development of Top 5 Tourist Destinations.

Mitsui Healthcare operates numerous healthcare facilities including world class hospitals in South East Asia with state of the art technology.

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Tohir said the project will also target the domestic market that has been going to  Singapore and Malaysia for medical check ups.

“We’ve already agreed to develop our own medical treatments that will be performed in Bali hospitals” Tohir added.

Bali will be the pilot project for medical tourism in Indonesia, and if successful could be established in out areas of Indonesia in the future. 

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The government believes that medical tourism for the domestic market will be more stable and reliable in the future during difficult times for international tourism. No date was announced on the project would be completed. 

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