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An Australian Instagram model has revealed how Balinese security are screening people for coronavirus before they can enter bars and restaurants.

Gold Coast influencer Tahlia Skaines, who is currently visiting the holiday island, shared a clip on Instagram that showed her getting her temperature checked by a thermal screening machine before she could enter the ritzy Cafe del Mar pool club in Canggu yesterday.

Tahlia Skaines was screened for coronavirus in Bali.
The Gold Coast influencer was temperature tested before entering a Bali venue.Source:Supplied

Ms Skaines, who has 486k followers, isn’t the first influencer to be temperature checked on the holiday island and document the experience.

While also staying at Club Med, former Bachelorette star Georgia Love had her temperature checked while on a recent trip in February.

Love was tested by staff prior to attending dinner at the popular hangout.

“Pre dinner coronavirus temperature check,” she wrote alongside the image of her getting examined.

“Spoiler alert: I passed.”

Former Bachelorette star Georgia Love was tested in Bali on a recent trip in February.SourceInstagram
Former Bachelorette star Georgia Love was tested in Bali on a recent trip in February.SourceInstagram

In response to the global outbreak of coronavirus, health screenings such as temperature checks have been ramped up at airports in multiple countries around the world, including the United States and Indonesia.

However, health experts say these screenings will likely not be the deciding factor in whether the virus continues to spread globally.

australia travel warning for coronavirus

Tourists in Bali have been warned that if they show symptoms of the virus, or are worried they’ve contracted it while on the holiday island, it’s unlikely health authorities will be able to test their samples locally.

Instead, according to 9News, Bali’s health agency will send samples to Jakarta because they do not have the capability to test for coronavirus on the island.

According to chief health officer Ketut Suarjaya, there were no laboratories in Bali with the capability to screen for COVID-19 so specimens were instead sent to the Indonesian capital of Jakarta, on the island of Java.

“Due to it being a new virus we do not have the ability yet to detect it,” Suarjaya told 9News.

“Samples from all provinces in Indonesia are tested in Litbangkes (National Institute of Health Research and Development).

“I urge the public to not panic and not be afraid because panic and fear is more dangerous than the coronavirus.”

It is understood Bali has sent off samples for just 35 locals and foreigners, with 12 of them still awaiting their results from Jakarta.

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