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Canadian Traveler Falls Into Ravine While Taking Selfie In Bali

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A 2-hour long rescue mission by Denpasar Search and Rescue ended in triumph as a Canadian traveler was hauled from under Ulutwatu Bridge on the evening of Saturday 7th May. 

In a press statement delivered by Head of Denpasar Search and Rescue, Gede Darmada, it was confirmed that Sadri Alessandro Haidar, 34, had been successfully rescued by Basarnas Bali. The alarm was sounded by a local man, named in the press statement as Pak Somar. On the afternoon of Saturday 7th May he spotted a motorcycle close to the bridge that has been parked for a considerable amount of time without anyone returning. 

According to local reports, Pak Somar, and other community members contacted the local Pecalang to check the license and registration of the black motorcycle. They launched their own small-scale search operation and arranged for checks to be carried out at Haidar’s accommodation in Seminyak. With no success, they called in the Denpasar Search and Rescue fearing that he had fallen from the bridge. 

The evacuation mission took a little over two hours. The crew worked tirelessly to ensure that Haidar was moved safely with special consideration to his suspected injuries. He suffered wounds all over his body, suspected broken ribs, and a broken arm. He was given first aid on the scene and was taken by ambulance to the Bali Jimbaran Hospital. 

The lengthy mission required the coordinated efforts of nine search and rescue personnel who used mountaineering equipment to reach the bottom of the Uluwatu Ravine. Locals have shared that if Haidar has fallen straight he would have surely plummeted the full 50m depth and died on impact. Thankfully, he must have bounced from the sides of the ravine injuring him but ultimately saving his life. The Search and Rescue team believe that Haidar got himself lodged in the branches of a tree which slowed his fall. 

It is still unclear as to the exact reason why Sadri Haidar ended up a the bottom of the ravine but community members in the village of Pecatu Village who are to be thanked for the search and rescue mission, believe that he was taking a selfie. They report that earlier in the day they saw several Caucasian tourists stopping on the bridge to take photos before driving away. 

Though there are no eyewitnesses of Haidar’s fall, he is thought to be traveling alone in Bali, and had he fallen over the side of the bridge when there was no one around, it would take time for someone to notice that he was missing. Thankfully the community of Pecatu Village acted swiftly. 

The Mamo Bridge also called the Suluban Bridge, has been the scene of selfie-induced accidents before. According to Bendesa Adat Pecatu, I Made Sumerta, several people have fallen over the side of the bridge over the last few years. The bridge is famous for its spectacular sunset views and the beach rolls out into the horizon. On one occasion a car veered off the edge of the bridge and into the ravine too. 

The community and the search and rescue teams have urged people to prioritize safety when taking photos across Bali. Though the island is exceptionally picturesque, travelers are reminded to ensure that they do not take undue risks in the name of the perfect photo.

It is believed that Sadri Alessandro Haidar will make a full recovery following his hospital treatment. There have been no reports of a need for a medical evacuation back to Canada. This latest accident comes in the same week as Canadian influencer and amateur actor, Jeff Craigen, is being deported after being caught dancing naked on the top of Mount Batur. 

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Wednesday 11th of May 2022

From. PuertoRico. Bali. Uluwatu, Ufffffffff. Grate. Surf!!!!

Wayan Brapa

Wednesday 11th of May 2022

I hope he has to pay for any trees he broke during his fall. This is a lesson for all Canadians who visit Bali.

J West

Tuesday 10th of May 2022

I’m not an onomatologist but I’m fairly sure “Sadri Haider” is not one associated with Caucasian Canadian origins.


Wednesday 11th of May 2022

@J West, Earlier in the day the members of the community in the village saw several Caucasian tourists stopping by for a Kodak moment before driving away. Nothing was written in the article that the victim of a careless fall was a Caucasian.

We all know the term of onomatology (the study of name and naming practices). Nonetheless, what are you trying to imply with the victim's name associating with his Canadian citizenship?

Besides, have you forgotten that the indigenous natives are the real original people (after a history of their migration) in Canada, the US, Australia,South Africa, New Zealand, Central and South America for that matter. The Caucasians and Anglo-Saxons came much later in history and often were called as the Invaders by the original natives.

Wayan Bo

Tuesday 10th of May 2022

Perhaps he forgot that he haven’t wings, he was maybe willing to perform as a bird.


Tuesday 10th of May 2022

The Indonesian community has always gone the extra mile to help anyone in need without anything in return. Therefore respect their culture and customs for one day you can end up in a life and death situation that would require immediate medical attention.