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The temporary closure of tourist sites in Badung regency will be extended until at least May 29, according to a letter issued by the Badung Regency yesterday, as part of an effort to curb the spread of COVID-19 in Bali. 

sangeh monkey forest
Sangeh monkey forest will remain closed

This marks the third phase of the temporary closure in Badung alone, which was first formally announced on March 21. 

“If we are talking about until when [the closure would last], we will certainly be looking at the development of COVID-19 cases, until the situation and condition permits it, or as we wait further announcements,” I Made Badra, who heads the Badung Tourism Agency, told Tribun.

Mrs Sippy

The temporary closures include various public and commercial sites in Badung, including destinations such as Sangeh Monkey Forest and Pandawa Beach, and popular venues like Finns Beach Club and Mrs Sippy, which have been “closed until further notice” for weeks. 

For the most part, popular destinations from Uluwatu to Seminyak and Canggu are affected by the official announcement. 

At the time of writing, other regions in Bali have yet to announce similar extensions of closures, though they can be expected to follow in the coming days. 

bali beach

Bali has so far confirmed 140 cases of COVID-19, including three deaths and 42 recoveries, according to the latest data from the central government. 

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