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Bali Tourism Non-Existent in 2021

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Bali officials have confirmed that tourism has dropped an additional 99.99% from last year.

    Officials from the Bali Statistics Center has confirmed that the tourism sector has been erased when compared to 2020.


    The Head of Bali Statistics Center, Hanif Yahya says Bali has been hit the hardest by the Covid-19 pandemic as international visitors were banned from entering the island to prevent Covid-19 cases from surging.

“According to our data, the arrival of international visitors at Bali airport from January to June 2021 has dropped 99.99% in comparison with the data in 2020.” Yahya said on Monday (1/8).


    Yahya explained that this is the worse ever recorded situation in the history of Bali tourism.

“Bali has only received a total of 43 international visitors from January to June 2021, 10 visitors in January, 12 visitors in February, 3 visitors in March, 9 visitors in April, 8 visitors in May and 1 visitor in June, while the number of visitors on the same period in 2020 were 1,069,171 international visitors.” Yahya added.


    Meanwhile the Head of Bali Tourism Agency, Putu Astawa explained that apart from the travel restrictions that were implemented by the Indonesian government, the pandemic has also made any potential travelers hesitant to leave their home countries for vacation.

Astawa said that Bali has been facing the worst crisis in its history since the Covid-19 pandemic struck over a year ago.

Bali tourists empty streets

“This is really bad, the situation made it impossible for international travelers to visit the island for holiday. And we’re totally devastated by this Covid-19 pandemic.” Astawa concluded.

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