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An Australian man has been rescued after being robbed by pirates on speed boats off the coast of Sumatra.

Tadeusz Nowicki, 70, spent three days stranded at sea near Tanjung Menjangan, South Sumatra, after the horrifying incident on May 22.

Tadeusz Nowicki
(Daily Telegraph)

He was alone of his yacht, named Hoopla, when up to ten pirates armed with guns swarmed him. 

Tadeusz Nowicki on the phone to family
(7 News)

They stole his GPS, boat steering wheel, communication radios, iPhone, passport, fuel, cash and food, the Daily Telegraph reported.

(Daily Telegraph)

He had managed to send off an Emergency Position Indicating Reported Beacon during the ordeal which notified the International Maritime Organisation.

man robbed on sailboat
(Daily Telegraph)

The information was then sent to the Australian embassy in Jakarta which launched the urgent rescue operation.  

After a three-day search, Mr Nowicki was found drifting off the coast on Kuala Telada.

Bali police interview victim
(Daily Telegraph)

Lampung police spokesman Zahwani Pandra Arsyad said Mr Nowicki plans to return to Australia as soon as he can. 

“Soon after the incident, the victim had pushed the Emergency Position Indicating Reported Beacon (EPIRB) button , which was accepted by International Maritime Organization (IMO).

“The IMO forwarded the info to Australian embassy in Jakarta who later notified police and related institutions.

“Our water police team immediately went to find the yacht.

“A joint investigation with South Sumatra police is now underway.”

police interview on sail boat
(7 News)

Zahwani said that on May 26, South Sumatra police had located some of the stolen goods, including the GPS and television, but the suspects had escaped.

“The yacht had blindly wandered in the waters after the incident, as the perpetrator had taken many things, including the steering,” Zahwani said.

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